Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Temperatures are a changin’

Hi and Happy Tuesday! Did you have a nice weekend? We sure did Smile

Friday night I hit up a corn maze for the first time ever. Thoughts: It may have been my last time ever as well. Totally don’t see the draw. I stared at my feet and wandered aimlessly. I am perfectly capable of doing that at home. thank.you.very.much.001

Saturday I woke up at 7 ready to hit the kitchen. I was going to run, but really didn’t think I had the time…I didn’t. I spent the morning putting chicken in the slow cooker, making Spanish rice, making corn pudding, baking carrot cake cupcakes and washing a bajillion dishes.

Around 11:00 (because we needed to leave at like 11:15) I hopped in the shower. I am really girlie and clearly take a long time to get ready. Post shower I made some sandwiches and loaded into the car to head out to Ken’s race. The race happened to be super close (love that). He did excellent and finished in 5th place. After finishing the hour long all out effort, he decided that he wanted to ride home. Because he is a nut.



Move that skinny spandexed bootay!


Post-race we had a cycling party! That means we only feed the guests water and half a Clif Bar…hey, they are choosing to pour themselves into unforgiving onsies!

Okay, I am totally kidding-we had tacos, rice, black beans (delicious, Errin!), corn pudding, chips and salsa, MARGARITAS! and some other deliciousness! Including these babies…


It was super fun and relaxing! Thanks Errin for all of your help!! Afterwards, I got to write my lesson for Sunday. Fun!

Sunday I gave said lesson…and get this, later that evening a freshman boy texted me about it! Crazy! Ken had to go into work so Jasper and I went for a 4.5 mile run around the lake. He rolled in dead fish and smelled delicious. Bath. I was really lazy. And I loved it.

Monday I decided to be a photographer and take pictures of the sunrise colors. In my bathrobe. Because I am a professional.





In other exciting Monday news…I went to the dentist (blech), did some grocery shopping and went to a soccer game. I also did the laundry, dishes and cleaned up the house-but that is not so exciting.

Jasper on the other hand…had a leisurely kind of day….


This morning looked like this..


But tonight is supposed to look like this…

Tonight: Rain likely before 9pm, then rain and snow likely between 9pm and midnight, then snow after midnight. Low around 28. North northwest wind between 5 and 9 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of 7 to 11 inches possible.


I am off to finish up at work, hopefully get in a decent run and then road trip with Ken before we lock ourselves in the house and crank up the heater!

Hope I can get into work tomorrow!!!

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