Friday, October 7, 2011

2 days remaining…

until 26.2 miles. Bah!

I cannot believe it is NOW. It feels like I should still have a few more weeks left to prepare. But, alas, it is go time!

Today I am heading down to Denver to pick up my race packet. I am hoping that will make me relax a little bit. I have heard that the Expo is pretty cool, so that is promising! Jasper is with me today…so I will have nice company.

I woke up this morning feeling terrible (I think this is the taper-craziness that everyone talks about). My feet hurt (both of them…nice), the outside of my lower right leg kills from rolling it yesterday(so tight) and I could barely lift my left arm without stabbing pain in my shoulder. Disaster much?! Luckily, as I write this, my shoulder is about 90% fine (who knows what that was about-changing weather?) but the leg is still painful to walk on…I am hoping that clears up by Sunday!

This weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy….because it has been perfect for 4 months…and all of a sudden race weekend needs to be freezing. Fantastic. I feel for Ken because he is racing Saturday and Sunday in his lovely spandex onsie skin suit. Fort Collins is supposed to be a toasty 49 tomorrow…as a high. Yikes! You can count on me being bundled up and sitting down somewhere. Colin is racing at 8 am….that may be even worse!

My race starts at 6:55 on Sunday morning and I plan on wearing 2 layers that can go to Goodwill-nothing like stripping down a few miles in! I have been looking at all sorts of websites for tips come race day and have stumbled across from some good ideas. Now, if I can only get myself to eat during the run and not bonk…that will be great!

I am now off to finish with patients, paperwork and head to the Expo…see you soon…and hopefully as a marathoner Smile


  1. Good luck this weekend!! I ran Denver as my first full back in 2009 and loved the course! You will do great!! And, Sunday looks a teeny bit warmer than Saturday, without being "hot!"

  2. Thanks so much Sarah! That makes me feel better :-)