Thursday, September 1, 2011

Top 10 Fall Favorites

Adios August and Hello September. Fingers crossed that the chronic 95+ degree days will quickly fade into mid-80s! I am O.V.E.R this heat…and so is Jasper!

Let’s talk running. Since developing knee pain after my Half Marathon, I decided to take a look at my running routine and try to figure out what could be going on…well, what I finally came to was shoes. After doing some calculating, I determined that each of my 2 pairs of running shoes probably had at LEAST 400-450 miles on them. Lovely. I experimented with doing a couple of my runs in my trail runners and didn’t experience any pain….soooo……yesterday (on the way to work) I stopped by my favorite Runner’s Roost in Louisville. I picked up a pair of these babies:


The Saucony ProGrid Ride 4! And boy…aren’t they gorgeous?! I love my Ride 3s, but these are even more comfy.

After a day of work, I took them out for a 4 mile spin with Jasper. Get this…no knee pain!! It appears (knock on wood) that my problem is solved for the moment. That’s good…because I have a 10 mile race this Saturday!

My little friend Jasper is joining me for work today (we hit up the dog park earlier, but fried like eggs in a hot pan).


“Mom, isn’t my posture phenomenal?”

How I love my little companion…he knows just how to melt my heart.

Tonight is our Fall Kickoff for Student Ministry. Back to 14 hour Thursdays! Gotta love ‘em! I really AM excited to be hanging out with the high schoolers again…they make me happy while driving me up the wall.

And now on to my Top 10 favorite things about Fall:

1. Cooler weather (and especially chilly mornings and evenings)

2. School starting! Okay, this was more when I was in school…but I loved going back!!! And shopping for supplies!

3. Running in capris and/or thin long sleeves-LOVE!

4. The colors of leaves changing!

5. Cyclocross season… and cheering for Ken.

6. The house being cool enough to cuddle with my boys.

7. Pumpkin flavored…everything!

8. The return of scarves!!!!!

9. Crockpot meals.

10. Boots Smile

Happy September!!!

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