Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Four days of no running=torture!

Happy Day.After.A.Holiday Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a fantabulous long weekend…I know we sure did!!

Flashback to….

Friday: Ken had to work in South Denver so my little man got to hang out with me!


What dog lays there staring at a bone without eating it?! He’s a special one. We had a delightful day together that lead right into a lovely 2.5 mile run when we got home. It was an early to bed night…seeing as Ken and I both had to be out of the house by about 6:10 the next morning.

Saturday: Woke up BEFORE the crack of dawn (although that is getting easier due to the later sunrise). Ken got dressed in work clothes and I got dressed in race clothes and then we headed our own separate directions.004003

Mine lead me to the Coal Creek Crossing 10 mile race in Louisville-gotta love super local races! The “gun” went off at 7:00 and we were off like a herd of turtles. Okay, not really, the pace was pretty quick.

The first 6ish miles were fantastic. I was super stoked on my time splits and felt great. I was running 8-8:15 min. miles and was right on track for my marathon training run. Mile 6: Enter ridiculous knee pain. That pain I thought I had escaped….yeah…not so much! It came back with a vengeance. My times took a nose dive and I was looking at 9-9:30 min. miles. Grrrr! Not to mention the knife stabbing pain that almost took me to my knees and the awkward limp, hop, hobble gait that ensued. By mile 9…I just wanted it to be over.

I must say that I am thrilled that I finished it…I didn’t know if that was going to happen. I crossed the line at 1:25:23. (14th woman and 3rd in my age group) The race itself was really great. Hard packed trail with some rolling hills. It was cool outside!!! What!?! Post-race I chatted with my lovely coach and told her about my dreaded knee-ness. She told me to take 4 days off….no running at ALL! I maybe freaked out a little. My marathon is in a month! Snarl.

I indulged in the pancake breakfast before heading home to do something I had never done before: ICE BATH. Amazed that I have never tried it?…well….I despise cold water. To the point that if a pool is less than about 80 degrees…you can forget it!


This is my “I’m afraid” face..cute, huh?


Ten pounds of bone-chilling ice.


And in we go…..


Mom, what are you thinking?!?! There is ice in that water!!!

I will say that it was much more pleasant than I expected. I actually went and grabbed the other 10 pounds of ice because it didn’t seem cold enough. Thanks Errin for suggesting the hot coffee…it did wonders! That and the fact that I wore a sweatshirt over my T-shirt! I also wore bathing suit bottoms…weird? I was cold for 2 hours after-even in sweatpants and a jacket. Love the ice bath!

During my warm up process, I put together a bookshelf. Ken stopped by Ikea on Friday and picked up this baby…



I may be in love! There was some rearranging done…but it lives in our front room now and the smaller one moved to the dining room. Along with a shelf that Ken put up for me. I will take pictures…someday!

The rest of Saturday was spent re-organizing the kitchen cabinets. That is my version of “resting” apparently! Ken may never be able to find anything.ever.again. Good times!

Sunday: Did the church thing…my lesson may have been based on running. You know-I have a lot to talk about in that department. Ken did some riding and I don’t really remember what I did…Pretty sure I was lazy (Ken napped)…or cleaned something! We rented 2 movies Arthur (I thought I would hate it, but ended up laughing so much) and Source Code (this one was pretty good as well).

Monday: Didn’t have time to think about not running because I cleaned and baked and organized like a crazy person. Ken waxed the truck (I’m sure that was a good workout). I made a carrot cake for work and a cheesecake for dessert with lunch/dinner. Errin and Colin came over about 3 and we grilled up some deliciousness! What a great way to end the day! Well, besides crashing on the couch watching Royal Pains!….and icing my knees…

Random Note: Fall is officially here!!!!! Only in the 70s today. Fab!! Back to work…see ya later Smile

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