Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And now for words…

So this weekend was both interesting and exciting….

Saturday: Did a little 4 mile run, some garage-sale-ing….Ken, Jasper and I all found a few fun things! And then Ken and I went to lunch…with someone I had not seen in over 19 years….Steve (otherwise known as my biological father). It was interesting to chat and catch up a little bit….and meet his fiancée Linda. And that’s about all I want to say blog-wise. Interestingly, I did not have a lot of emotion surrounding the meeting…maybe there is something wrong with me?

Post-lunch…Ken rode and I …. don’t remember what I did! (Besides stopping at Home Goods!).  We did rent Country Strong (don’t judge me). It was okay-pretty sad…but good for what it was.

Sunday: Now is where the excitement begins! Ken and I bailed on Church (tisk tisk…I know) and met up with Errin and Colin to head to Golden for the last stage of the Pro Cycling Challenge. Woohoo! It was so cool watching road racers that I have seen racing the Tour de France…right there 3 feet away! It was INSANE!!! Jasper very much enjoyed himself as well…You know that dog and bike races!

Once we made it down the mountain (through all the traffic) we visited Moki and Poncho and stole a few tomatoes from T and L’s garden…shhhh Winking smile So excited on their engagement!!!

We made it back to Superior in time for a delicious bate birthday lunch for Ken at PF Changs. Thanks E and C….it was delightful!

I had a meeting from 5-7:30 and was sad to leave Ken snuggled up on the couch relaxing….lucky guy!

Monday: Busy busy busy!

*Baked banana bread, banana chocolate chip muffins, loaf of honey whole wheat, batch of cookies and dough for calzones.

*Cleaned the house, washed the carpet in a few areas.

*Moved the guest queen bed from the basement to the second floor guestroom. Yes, you read that right! Frame, box spring and mattress. Boy was that tough work!

*Did laundry.

*Took the pup to the vet for his shots….everyone loved him. He did NOT love the thermometer up the behind part! He gave them dirty looks that had the doctor laughing out loud! Jasper is always a crowd pleaser!

*Ran….first time with no knee pain!!! Sweetness! 1/2 mile warm up and cool down with 6x5 minutes hard and 3 minutes rest between. I was a sweaty mess and it was hard…but oh so good!

*Made Ranch, Sausage and Mushroom Calzones….YUM!

*Collapsed on the couch! hehehe

Tuesday: The usual…work and staff meeting and work. Jasper and I went on a 40 minute hike while Ken rode his bike. Hit up the Costco and home for dinner. Gave Ken a 45 minute leg massage…aka:tortured him! He loved it Winking smile

And now on to Wednesday!

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