Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In the midst of another crazy day I just managed to throw in a 6+ mile run. The good part-I won’t have to run my mile repeats in the lightning storm that we are expecting later. The bad part-my afternoon patients get a nice, sweaty me! I hope I don’t smell too bad…I took a “bath” in the bathroom sink.

Let’s talk about the run. Mile repeats SUCK are kind of hard. When it is 80 degrees and high humidity, they are even worse. So today, I set out on my nice little run (at 1 in the afternoon and 30 minutes after shoving food in my face). I did my mile warm up (not that it took long to warm up!) and started on my first mile. About .2 miles in, I came around a corner and literally had to jump over a snake in the middle of the trail!! I am not super afraid of snakes, but I didn’t expect him…and I freaked a little!

I am going to say it made me run fast! My first mile was in 7:15, second in 7:20 and the third in 7:56. I won’t lie, the last interval was brutal. I was dripping sweat and starting to weave a little on the trail. So hot! I miss our dry Colorado heat….let’s get rid of these monsoons! At least I didn’t see my lunch again!

Now I am back at work, mostly presentable and happy to be done with my workout for the day! I am looking forward to a night of organizing and trying to get Ken ready for his upcoming trip to Nationals….soooo bummed I am missing that. Sad smileSounds like I am working on his legs tonight! Come next Monday (which will be my first day with any down time….I am doing 15 hours of continuing education this weekend…ick) I am just going to lay on the floor for a few hours!

Sorry for the lack-luster post. Just trying to fight through the chaos!

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