Monday, July 11, 2011

On a Monday?!

Whoa…hi there. Can you believe you are seeing a post on a Monday? Crazy…I know! But for good reason-I am working at my office from 8-6 today because the other doc is out of town. Should be a nice, long day!

Let’s have a fun weekend recap:

Friday: Seems sooo long ago! Went for a 4 mile run. Wasn’t really feeling it-happy it was an easy run!

Saturday: Went down to Golden to run and so Ken could ride with Tim. My 16 miles was kind of brutal (to the point I cut off mile 17 before I puked!). It was just super hot and humid and lots of hills. Next time I am running at 7 am! I picked up Jasper for the last 8 miles and that was fun. He got to play in the creek and everything.

Ken was sweet and picked me up downtown so I didn’t have to run back uphill! Such a doll like that! Once we were home, the 3 of us crashed on the couch for awhile and watched a really bad movie. It was the kind of movie that made me want to walk out of the room because I felt so bad for the characters. Yikes.

True to my normal LONG run days…I had an event to attend that evening. At 4:00 I got dressed and headed down to my friend’s bachelorette party. I even wore heels and get this….I could actually walk! Sweetness!!! The party started out with dinner (I was late because I got stuck in icky traffic and a rainstorm). Because I had no desire to eat after my run, I didn’t have lunch until 4:30 (Ken made it…what a good husband). This meant that I didn’t need to eat dinner and I just showed up in time to hang out. After some fun festivities, we headed to a show. It was interesting…and not particularly my style. I left before intermission (seeing as it was 10:00!!). Ken was still up when I got home and we got to hang out a little before crawling into bed.

Sunday: Started off the usual way…church. Ken actually taught more than me this weekend so I felt a little bit slacker-ish. After we finished up there, Ken headed out for a tough ride and I went home to hang with the Japster. A little later that afternoon, Ken got home and we ventured to Costco (aka: the happiest place on earth). We ended up coming home with the beauty…


I have a few more pictures, but my cord is hiding somewhere. A GIANT bear!! Happy early birthday Jasper…Love, Grandpa and Grandma!! He LOVES it!! Last night we curled up with it at bedtime. The bear is literally the size of a person!

For dinner, Ken took me to one of my favorite places: Buca di Beppo. I feel like that is the only place I ever post about….yeah well…they send me $10 off coupons and I enjoy using them! Ken and I split a salad and pasta dish and called it a night (leaving Ken lunch for today too!). We managed our way back home through the 3rd storm of the day. Insane!!

Monday: I have been working very hard to balance finishing all of my normal Monday “stuff” with working 10 hours at my office. I am exhausted and about to jump into a few work emails before crawling my way to bed. I didn’t even do my run today!! That means mile repeats tomorrow…fun times!!

See you tomorrow Smile

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