Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sad Face

Howdy and happy pre-Friday! Today is a bitter sweet almost.end.of.the.week. It is great because…it is almost the weekend (even though I will be in classes from 8-5 both Saturday and Sunday…bummer). And it is because… Ken is off on an adventure of his own.

Last night, after a full day of work…really, I was exhausted…I went home and did some prepping for Ken’s trip. You know, the normal….Made a double batch of cookies, cut up a bunch of veggies, made some hummus, got lunch food together and made a batch of doggie cookies for Jasper’s birthday. Isn’t that how everyone gets ready for a road trip? When we finally crawled into bed around 11, the rain and thunder had returned. I am kinda getting used to this going to bed with noise thing.

This morning, before work, I got up and made some French Toast and loaded up the cooler for the trip. Ken finished up his packing and got started on loading the truck. Tim and Lauren arrived a little while later and after the packing was complete (I couldn’t believe there was room to spare), they headed out (3 people, 3 dogs…one truck!)  and I headed to meetings. I may have cried a little on the way in…but don’t tell anyone.

I am hoping that they all have a great trip and that the guys do awesome at Nationals!! Good luck!! Sad I am not there to cheer for you.

This afternoon I am cramming in some church work to be ready for a parent meeting tonight. Gotta love prepping for camp. If I have to look at an Excel spreadsheet ever again, it will be too soon! Because I was in meetings all morning, I actually came into my office to work. What can I say, centrally located! I thought that I would just say a quick hello before diving back into work.

I have a 70 minute hilly run planned for this afternoon-as soon as the rain stops. Yes, it is raining again…where am I, Seattle?! Alright, better get back to work!!

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