Friday, July 15, 2011

Is it really Friday?

Can I say uncle…on the whole week? I can’t believe.. it is finally over. (kinda).

Yesterday…after meetings…and meetings…and paperwork…and more paperwork…I finally made it out for a run.

Don’t you feel like running when the sky looks like this:



Fully Sketch-tastic! Luckily, the giant storm was held at bay for the most part and I only enjoyed a little bit of rain on my run. I was actually very thankful for it…kind of a break from the humidity. I did 70 minutes worth of hills and clocked about 7.6 miles. My legs felt better than they have in a while, so that was an added bonus.

After I finished, I headed to a parent meeting for our upcoming camp adventure! Cali baby! I got to speak to 100+ parents and students in my sweaty deliciousness. Yes, I am classy like that. It actually went really well-I didn’t even throw up!

Today went by pretty quick. I had lots of fun patients and every down moment was spent working on camp paperwork. Oh the life I live! I decided to stay and hang out at work late to enjoy some festivities…the Louisville Street Fair is in full swing…and the smells of food are killing me! Too bad I have a 4 mile run when I get home!



In other news, the guys are out pre-riding the National’s course and I am working on finding them a place to stay. Seems like everyone and their Mom’s are staying in Sun Valley this weekend!

In other…other news….Jasper is spending the night with his Grandparents tonight! So far he is being a very good boy-let’s hope it stays that way! And Rob, sorry if you end up in the guest room. He can be quite the cuddle bug!

Alright, gonna wander a bit….and go home to rest up for a weekend of classes! Bummer!

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