Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend…what weekend?

Oh Monday…how are thou over so soon?

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was kind of non-existent. Let’s rewind…

Friday: Managed to find a hotel room in Hailey, Idaho. Happy that my buddies didn’t end up sleeping out in the middle of no-where the night before a big race. Ran…4 miles. Dinner….late.

Saturday: Got up at 6:30 to head down to Lakewood for Day 1 of my continuing education classes (8-5). Blah. Came home. Ran….6 miles (trying to outrun a lightning storm…97% successful). Dinner….late. Rented a weird movie. Don’t even remember the name.

Here are some guys that had a much more exciting Saturday:




Ken and Tim did awesome at Nationals! Tim ended up in 16th and Ken finished in 26th out of 61 Pros. Way to go guys!!! So sad I was not there!

Sunday: Got up at 6:30 for Day 2 of classes (8-4:15). Blah times 2. Rest day. So….for some cross training, I made a date with the “sweetheart”. That would be the lawn mower! Ken adores her…I have…um….mixed feelings. Getting her going was a little bit of a challenge, until I called Ken and he told me to start her on the concrete. So much easier! And then…she ran out of gas….but Ken told me where to find some. In reality, I guess you can say that Ken and I mowed the lawns together.

It went from Jungle-style…to this:


I didn’t even realize our backyard was so big! I also spent about 30 minutes picking weeds. Boy do they grow fast!

I did NOT touch the area of “regrowth,” that got to stay in its chaotic fashion.


Dinner…late! Scrapbooking…started! More on that in a minute!

Today: Told myself I would get up early to run before it got hot…didn’t happen. Stayed in bed until 6:30…and didn’t run in the cool of the morning.

But….I did run! At about 10:30 I headed out to the track to do some 800s. It is really fun to run 800s in 85 degrees. Um…not!


I ran 6x800s (that is 2 times around the track per 800 or 1/2 a mile) with a mile warm up and a mile cool down. All I can say….it was HOT and I ended up drenched! My “goal pace” was to do them faster than 3:55-get this…I did them all 3:30 or faster! (I know that is not really fast, but it is fast for me!)

Post workout, I headed to Target, Michaels and Costco and was a bucket of deliciousness (I am sure I looked just peachy in my drenched running clothes).

The rest of the day has been spent missing my favoritest boys in the world! I know they are having a blast up with Rob, Rene, Tim, Lauren, Poncho and Moki! But that doesn’t stop me from missing them!

Luckily, I have a project I have not been able to get to in about 2.5 years. You know, scrapbooking all of our wedding festivities! Terrible, I know!


Good times…can you tell what I will be doing this week…besides work, getting the final touches done for camp, packing, cleaning the house and prepping meals for Ken? Yup…diving into paper!

Off to do “one more page”….

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