Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to Summer!

The sun is out and it is H.O.T!! Finally!! Now, I know that in about 2 weeks I will probably be wishing for cooler weather, but today…I am eating it up! It is officially 90 degrees right now-with some strong gusts of wind and I am loving it!!


Let’s detour back to yesterday afternoon. Ken came by at about 4:30 and picked me up from work. We headed directly to Marshall Mesa for our respective workouts (and changed in the car-everyone in Colorado does that…totally cool). Ken set out on his mountain bike and Jasper and I hit the trails for our “easy three” mile run. One problem…it was SOOOO nice out that we couldn’t stop at 3. Bad LeeAnn! I figured that a “loop” was probably about 3.5 or 4 miles and I decided that we would just do the loop extra easy for a little longer. It was so much fun! I love runs that I just get to enjoy being out in the brilliance of Colorado. Jasper and I stopped many times to let Mountain Bikers go by…we are extra courteous because of our relationship to the sport. The guys were all mostly super cool and thanked us for moving to the side of the trail. Many of them also commented on what a gorgeous dogs Jasper is…so proud.

I kept an eye on my watch and was feeling a little nervous because the distance just kept clicking along. We really toned it down the last 3/4 of a mile…it is hard for me to go slow, especially when I am being passed. Where is that competitive nature during races? We finished with 4.75 miles in about 52 minutes. It was a great…easy…run!

Post-run, Jaz and I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some Root Beer Milk. I have only had the kind we make on our own at home, but Ken raves about the store bought kind. I also picked up some Ginger Candies that Lauren introduced into my life. Spicy-awesome—ness! Ken met us at the store and we drove home and got dinner together.

I must say, the Root Beer Milk was quite amazing. Took the edge off of the milkiness and left me wanting more. That is a first in the milk department! The rest of the evening was spent chillaxing and starting to prep for our weekend trip. More on that in a minute!

Today I met up with L and picked up a new pair of shoes. She LOVES hers and since I am racing trail this weekend (and run a ton of trail for fun) I figured it was time for some trail-running shoes.


Yes, I am wearing them in my office with no socks (because I spaced on bringing them and I am just extra cool like that). I am already in love with them…and they look mighty nice with my work clothes…okay maybe not. They are Brooks Cascadia’s and I am so excited to take them out for a spin. I can already feel that they are way more supportive than my road running shoes (I will let you know what I think after this weekend’s race). Of course I get them on a rest day…thinking I will have to go for a walk later with Ken and Jasper!

So…where are we going? We will be picking up Tim (check out his blog for a sweet recap on a great mountain bike race…not to mention…he totally rocked it!) and Lauren tomorrow and heading to Vail for Teva Mountain Games! Tim and Lauren have been before, but it is brand new to me and Ken. The event is HUGE! There is something for everyone…literally! Rock climbing, running, biking, eating, dog jumping…..The guys will be hitting up the Pro Mountain Bike race and Lauren and I will be doing the 10k trail run (she is doing the mud run too!). Two of Lauren’s friends will also be joining us! It is going to be SWEET! Can’t wait to pack everything up tonight!!

Only working half a day tomorrow…and then road trip! Two guys, two girls, two dogs, one truck…sure to be epic! Hoping to get in a quick blog on …what the heck to pack to camp on an endurance sport weekend trip….in the morning!

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