Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unexpected Exercise

Happy Happy Wednesday! This week is going by pretty quickly-normally when I have exciting plans for the weekend, the week seem to draw on and on and on. But this week is breaking that trend and simply flying by! Could that be because Ken was off Monday and it only feels like Tuesday? Possibly. Could that be because I have been much busier at work? Also possible! I will take it for sure!! I just looked at the clock and I am done for the day!!
For your viewing pleasure….my doll baby….
He was not really sure about the red eye reduction flash on the camera. I kept pointing it at his feet and he would get his foot out of the light as if it was his job!
Yesterday Ken had to do a big workout on his bike and wanted to ride Flagstaff (3 times!!). Normally he rides home after working out, but I was going to be later than usual at work and he was planning on working HARD and maybe not wanting to ride home. We devised a plan that allowed him to ride and me to hit up Sprouts and Sunflower markets while waiting. It worked out quite perfectly.
Jasper and I made it to our meet up point about 15 minutes early. I happened to have old running shoes and a pair of socks in the back of my car (shocker!). I laced them up (they matched quite nicely with my pinstriped work pants-ha!) and we headed up one of the trails to an off-leash section. Nothing like a little hike on a rest day, yeah? Jasper was in Dog Heaven running around in the tall grass. Everyone on the trail wanted to play with him! One guy even played chase with him. How I love Boulder!

Our gorgeous views of CU Boulder and the Flatirons!
Once Ken finished his workout we headed home and made some delicious burgers and Annie’s Mac and Cheese!  (with broccoli-done on the grill). By the time we ate it was about 8, but hey, summertime!! Dinner’s are allowed to be late in the summer, right?
We then managed to get sucked into The Voice again-while I did some muscle work on Ken’s legs. Jasper supervised.
Ken races for Feedback Sports and is on a group email list for his team. This morning someone asked who the Feedback guy was that was crushing Flagstaff yesterday evening! That would be my uber-talented husband! Sometimes it is hard to be married to someone so athletically gifted…okay not really…I am so proud of how hard he works and what he can do!!
As for this afternoon….Jasper and I are hitting up Marshall Mesa for a sweet trail run! I am excited to run for the first time since my race this weekend…and working on prepping for the race Sunday!! More on the Teva Games tomorrow!!!
Have a great night! No more Survivor….what to watch, what to watch??

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