Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday…Half day!!

Good morning!! And yay for FRIDAY!!

Yesterday afternoon was spent getting stuff organized for our trip today. Because I picked up my new shoes (that I am racing in on Sunday) I felt the need to wear them around the house to break them in! Couple that with my super awesome compression socks and you get this…


Quite colorful, no? Ken seemed to like my awkward look and insisted that I post a picture. Good thing I can handle being teased.

Jasper found all of the packing to be very exhausting…


This morning we got up nice and early so Ken could ride and Jasper and I could jog to the park to do some cross training (arms, core, lunges…). I also got in about 15 minutes of yoga when we got home. It was SWEET getting our workouts done in the AM. Nice and cool and perfect for working out.

While I showered, this little baby baked in the over….


What a delicious way to start the day! Can’t wait for noon!!!


As promised…here are my thoughts on packing for an adventure filled weekend…of camping and racing!

Things you will may need:

Tent, sleeping bags, pillows, air mattress (if you are old like me!), firewood (in case there is snow on the ground-you never know!), solar shower, tons of water, camping grill or bbq, propane, matches, pots and/or pans...

Shower sandals in case you are in the dirt, towel, wet wipes (in case it is too cold to actually use the shower!)…

Clothes! And many layers of them! Shorts, T-shirts, sports bras (fail if you forget one of these!), socks, underwear (duh), capris, pajamas, sweatshirt, jackets…any other articles of clothing you deem necessary…

Camera (duh!), sunglasses, phone, dog food!!, reading material, NO LAPTOPS (I will not work while camping!!), GPS watch…is that just me?

And on to my favorite part….FOOD! I pretty much take whatever I have in the fridge and pantry…weirdo? Maybe. We are taking elk (seems fitting), mac and cheese, milk, coconut water/juice, watermelons, honeydew, bananas, eggs, greek yogurt, pasta, bagels, bread, peanut butter, jelly, whatever else I can find….oh, and all of the random bars and goodies from other race expos…

005 As you can see, I like to take everything….maybe even the kitchen sink! I am all about being overly prepared! Anything you HAVE to HAVE while camping? Jasper gets to be my space heater Winking smile


Now…how are we going to fit it all in the truck with 2 guys, 3!! girls and 2 dogs? Fingers crossed!!

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