Friday, June 24, 2011

Splish Splash

Happy Friday!!! Woooohoooo!!! Another weekend is almost upon us! I have to admit, having yesterday “off” was a huge blessing. I say “off” because I am absolutely exhausted today. But we will get to that….let’s talk about Wednesday!

My triple workout Wednesday was amazing. If I have ever thought my legs were tired, I had NO idea what that meant. After I finished up at work, I ran a mile warm up over to the track. My legs felt pretty darn good. Nice and spunky and ready to tackle the track!

The first 4x400s felt great. My legs were tired by the last one and it was hot outside, but it was good! I ran the first 800 and realized just how tired my legs were becoming. Normally my lungs are what get me…huffing, puffing…that sort of thing. Not this time. The end of the second 800 couldn’t come fast enough! I am pretty sure I was sweating from everywhere possible. Nice, huh?

The last 4x400s were HARD! Oh so hard! My legs had no desire to cooperate….I was literally talking to myself during each break. Something about a Honey badger..wink wink. In the end, I survived and was pretty pleased with the paces I was running. And maybe the fact that I lost about 27 pounds of water weight!

Once I was finished, I booked it back to work and changed back into my cycling clothes. I decided last minute that I wanted to rescue Jasper from Ken’s office and so I headed into Boulder. I got to stop by the Short Track races and say hi to Errin and Colin and then rode over to Spyder. Jasper was so thrilled to break out for a bit and go for a walk. He even accompanied me to Sunflower to pick up some essentials and some dinner. Nothing like throwing  20 miles of cycling onto a track workout day…I was STARVING!!

Ken and I ate in his cubical as he worked on finishing a big project. I think the clock read about 8:30 before we walked outta there. Wowza!

Yesterday morning Ken and I practically bounded out of bed…Jasper, not so much…


Ken took the pup up to the lake for a swim, while I made pancakes and put together lunch. Then….were were ready to pick up some students and head to …..WATER WORLD!


There is nothing like visiting Water World with 50 of your closest friends. Winking smile

We spent the day riding down slides and hanging out in the lazy river. It was so much fun. It also required carrying giant rafts (my arms are so sore today) and walking up mega-hills. My legs didn’t think that was the nicest use of a rest day!

By the time we left at 5:30, everyone was ready for dry land. Such a sweet, exhausting day! Special thanks to Errin for stopping and letting Jasper out! I heard he was SUPER excited to see you!! Thanks soo much!!!

And now it is almost the end of the Friday workday!!! Bring on the Saturday!!!! (Which includes a trip to Winter Park for Ken and Colin’s races and a 16 mile run.) Gotta love the weekend!

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