Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few more hours would be nice…

Howdy! I hope that you are having a fantastic Tuesday. For some reason I am totally falling asleep today-regardless of the 14 things I am working on getting done.

I have returned to my computer after a crazy, crazy weekend. Why is it that my weekends end up being so nuts that I don’t get to share them with you until Tuesday?! I think I need a vacation! Is it bad that my idea of a vacation would be to be locked in a room with nothing to do? Some saltine crackers…a water bottle…Golden!

But back to real life….

Friday evening I got to see these little cuties on my way out of work…




I am sure they would make great playmates for Jasper Winking smile

Friday night was RUFF (incorrect spelling on purpose!). It was pretty windy outside and Jasper was not thrilled. Around midnight he just started pacing around the room. I tried to get him to go back to sleep but he was being a spaz…and Ken had to race the next morning….so I took him downstairs and tried to get some sleep on the couch. I am going to go with about 3 hours of actual sleep. Good times!

Saturday morning I got to wake up right next to the kitchen. Pretty convenient for making breakfast. Ken wandered downstairs around 5:30 after he realized that Jasper and I were no longer in the bedroom. At least that meant he got some sleep! We got all of our stuff packed up…love this soft shell….


And then we were on our way to pick up E and C and head up to Winter Park.

Because I had a 16 mile run, they dropped me off at the bottom of the mountain into WP. Nothing like doing 16 at altitude! When I was done…I was DONE. The last 6ish miles were uphill and they were BRUTAL. Jello anyone? Errin was kind enough to hang on to Jasper while I was running. Thanks!

The guys did awesome (again!). Ken ended up taking 5th place in the Pro race and Colin finished 6th in his Sport race. Good day! (Failed to take any pictures…oops!)

Saturday evening I spent time glued to the computer working on lesson planning for Sunday. Why must I procrastinate?! Ken spent the evening watching a movie….that shall remain nameless.

Sunday was my half birthday!!! I know…I am 28 (and a half)….why do I count half birthdays….well, when your birthday is the day after Christmas…you count half birthdays!

The first thing I noticed on Sunday was that my legs were SHOT. My quads were literally so sore that I had to walk down the stairs backwards. Who does that?! I don’t think I had enough rest between the crazy track/cycling workout Wednesday and the long run Saturday!

I had to teach both Middle and High School classes in the morning but after that I got to hang out with Ken and Jasper for awhile. They even took me out for frozen yogurt!

And then we hit up the lake…..(half of my pictures are trapped on my camera for some reason…sad face!)


My boys



Yay swimming dog!!


After our fun-filled adventure, I had to go to a meeting from about 4:45 until 7:20. It was a LONG day.

Monday was just as long! First off, I got some acupuncture done (with emphasis on my super ouchy quads) by Suzanne. When we were done, we headed to take the pups out for a hike in Boulder. They had a blast. My legs still KILLED on the downhill. Once down the mountain, I took dropped Jasper off to hang out with Ken at Spyder for awhile. I hit up the Boulder Creek Trail for 3 super easy miles of running. Nothing like shaking out your legs with a little run. I must say that I am SO thankful that it is an easy week!

After my run, I had a meeting for 2 hours and then picked up my pup and headed home! What a full day!!

Now I am trying to make it through today!  Whew!

*sidenote- Ken gave me a quad massage last night…and I LOVE him even more…I can actually walk like a human being today!

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