Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Active…Times 3!

Hi there…hope you are having a good afternoon! This was/is/is going to be a super exercise filled Wednesday.

Today is Bike to Work Day and what kind of wanna be cyclist would I be if I didn’t partake? This morning Ken and I rolled out of bed nice and early. I got breakfast made and the boys on their way to work before changing into my cycling clothes. I totally represented Spyder on my ride in.


Don’t mind the fluffy hair-It was going into a helmet and I was hoping for some residual volume when I got to work.

Gotta love the black, red and white. How did I fall into Ken’s color scheme?! Oh…and I totally ditched the arm warmers about a mile in.

The ride in was awesome! The weather was gorgeous and sunny, the traffic was less than I had anticipated and the 3 different stops for free breakfast foods were pretty great too! (Yes, I did eat at home and still managed to eat at 3 more places) My legs seemed absolutely thrilled to be pedaling. Why don’t I do this every Wednesday?! So fun!! The only downside…I did the thing?!?! It is tough loving so many forms of exercise. There are never enough workout hours to get everything in. But alas…

Now I am doing the work thing and about to run walk to a meeting. No car=must meet close to my office. Good rule of thumb!

After my meeting, I will be changing into my running clothes and hitting up this place….


…to make up for the botched workout from Monday. I GET to do a mile warm up and cool down with 4x400s, 2x800s and 4x400s. Jealous?

Initially, Ken was going to race tonight, so I was planning on riding into Boulder. Well, things change. Instead of riding into Boulder (Ken has a ridiculous project for work) I will be riding home. It is about the same distance, so no big deal there. But it means no race to cheer for….bummer! It also means I need to figure out something for dinner….STAT!

Nothing like 3 workouts in 1 day, yeah? Is it sick that I am so excited about it!?!?

Tomorrow…we are going to Water World!! We are going as a group with our HS and MS students. It was super fun last year, but this year I plan on hiding from the 6th grade girls. They were a bit clingy! Apparently I had MOM stamped on my forehead. Oh..and I am super excited to sport my tankini…oh yeah! Gotta love it!

Cant wait to fill you in on my super fun afternoon and water adventure. It is going to be sweet.

Random note: People keep walking by my window with FroYo…I don’t think this is very nice.

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