Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mega Fail

Yesterday I totally failed and forgot my computer at home. It was tragic-for real! No computer=no blog…but really, there wasn’t much to say. If I remember correctly-Tuesday was pretty boring. It did mean that all of my down time was spent wandering around the office and not getting a ton done. Oops.

On a positive note-my camera and computer decided to play nice today and I recovered the pictures I thought were lost forever!


Oh my crazy pupster.

Yesterday we had a staff meeting and work was…well work. I did get to bounce a little early to make a stop at the Post Office. Good times.

After mailing my sister’s birthday present, I headed into Boulder to pick up my favorite running partner. It was pretty funny because we had to wait in the car for about 15 minutes before we could head out-I am not a fan of running in lightning and thunder (not to mention the pouring rain). When we were able to escape the confines of the car, we enjoyed our 4 mile easy run. Jasper kept trying to push the pace…obviously he skipped the 16 miles on Saturday.

Post-run, we ventured over to the short track to watch some racing….036

Colin did excellent-finishing in 6th place. I told him he needs to move up a category next week!

Ken’s race went “okay.” He did great during the race part…but the start proved to be a problem again. Another racer literally fell into him at the beginning and he was forced to make his way from the back of the pack. I can’t wait to see what happens when he gets a good start!




I believe Ken ended up about 9th. Nice job buddy!! We may have had waffles and omelets for dinner…but don’t tell anyone.

Today has been nice and overwhelming. Gotta love Thursdays. I had a meeting this morning that I showed up to half-dressed…I couldn’t figure out how to get my shirt together by the time I got there. Yeah, I’m classy. Jasper got to accompany me-so at least that diverted the attention while I put myself together. Out of that meeting came a nice To Do list. When I got to my office, I had a nice message on my cell that created another To Do list and it wasn’t even NOON! I am happy to say that I have already scratched off a few things.

I have patients spread around this afternoon and am excited for Lauren to come up and visit from Golden!! Jasper will be very excited to see her too!

Other than that…work…grocery shopping…starting to prep for this weekend’s camping trip…and even starting to prep for Ken to leave in 2 weeks….double sad face. Well, better get back to work…See you for a big… tomorrow.

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