Wednesday, May 18, 2011


That's right...we have another day of wet weather today (and thunder for that matter). I am stoked...NOT! How come it always rains on days I have to run and is nice on rest days?! I am really starting to wonder if my running schedule is messing with our weather patterns!

Nothing too exciting to report from yesterday...cross training day...did some cleaning up around the house...made a delicious spaghetti dinner...watched THE BIGGEST LOSER...which made me actually WANT to cross train (the couch looked very appealing). Normally cross training involves cycling or hiking or weights. Last night my legs were SHOT from the trail run on Saturday and the race pace run on the workout involved a LOT of yoga and some strength training (see CORE!).

My legs feel a little better today. I have a pretty tough workout 1 mile warm up and cool downs with 10x1 minute pick ups and 2 minutes of rest between. Normally I would be pretty excited about those but I feel like I will be looking like this....when I am done....


With that being said...Ken is coming with me to Sprouts and Sunflower to grab some weekly goodies after my run. I am sure he wont be embarrassed by me at all. If he asks to stay in the car...I already know why!

In other news...Jasper is being a complete nut job while at work with Ken. He gets into these weird freak out phases where he shakes and acts like something is there to kill him. He shoves his face into Ken's crotch (lovely) and just wants to be consoled. Toys, treats, PEANUT BUTTER....mean NOTHING to him. We cant seem to figure out what is scaring him and Ken is at the point where he may just throw Jasper out the window. Thoughts? Prozac? He has been going to work with Ken since he was 10 weeks old!

By the way...I feel completely unproductive today..I blame the weather. cant.focus.on.anything! Off to try and get some work done.

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  1. Poor Jaspy and poor frustrated Ken! You might check in the Caesar Milan books for a suggestion;-/