Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hi there from a sunny soggy Colorado. Holy cow-how is it still raining here?! It is so clear to me that I could never live in a “rainy” part of the country! I am literally worthless in this weather. I simply add to my “to do” list instead of crossing things off. Really, does “plug in computer” need to be on there? Just a way to procrastinate doing it. Wow.

Okay-hold on…I actually have to plug it in before it shuts off…

And we are back….

Yesterday I had a pretty fun workout. I did a mile warm up and then started my 10x1 minute pick ups. I am really good at running hard…but not my hardest. Yesterday I REALLY tried to push myself. I can run forever. But running FAST is my challenge. The first 4.2 miles of my run where nice and dry and chilly. PERFECT conditions!! My pace was pretty darn good from what I could tell by desperately looking at my Garmin mid-pick up. Just as I began my 1 mile cool down, it started to POUR. My eyes literally burned as I ran. It pretty much sucked! But hey, I made it and I am stronger for it! Can’t wait to plug in my Garmin tomorrow and see the actual data. OH! And my legs felt 8.2 million times better after cross training the night before!

This little guy is with me today at work…being a perfect little angel….for real! We wish we were at home on the couch!


So I want to tell you a “funny” story. It isn’t really funny-so much as scary/uneventful. We have someone who lives in our basement. He used to work with Ken and needed a place to crash…so we offered up the down..downstairs. For the most part, we don’t even know he is there…he spends a lot of time in the Springs with his girlfriend.

Well, last night this morning he got home at 1:40. I heard the front door open and some movement. At first it was no big deal, I figured it was him and just stayed in bed. But…I couldn’t' fall back to sleep. I had to prove to myself that it was him. I got up out of bed and checked for his car. Not there. Um…weird! So I got back in bed where I proceeded to freak myself out to the point where I had to get up and lock our bedroom door. And then I got back in bed and debated whether or not to wake up Ken. I decided to just lay there and listen…until like 2:50 in the morning. I’m cool like that. Nothing. No sign of him this morning, but Ken thinks maybe he took a cab or got dropped off. I will let you know when I get the very exciting details.

Needless to say, I went through about 3 cups of coffee this morning. What did I do before I drank the stuff?! Thankfully my first meeting of the day was at a coffee shop Winking smile Time to try to cross some things off my list and get ready for my patients. Long day/evening ahead of me…I think I need a vacation!! And to get rid of thisStorm cloudand get more of this Sun!!!

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