Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chaos makes the heart grow fonder.

Dear extra hours in a day, You would be very helpful! Love, LeeAnn

Hi there! I have been opening and closing this window for about 4 hours. Every time I go to write, I remember 7 other things that I need to get done. But alas, here I am with my weekend recap:

Saturday…We got up bright and early to head down to Golden for our respective workouts. The weather looked ominous and we all carried clothing appropriate for wet weather. Lauren, Moki, Jasper and I drove over to Red Rocks to go for a trail run. It was an AWESOME place to run! Absolutely gorgeous and just the right mix of technical ups and downs and manageable flats. Lauren and Moki ran the first 5 with us and then Jasper and I did 6 more.

In the course of that 6, I had an amazingly epic crash! Running, yes. Let’s just say I had some choice words (that stayed in my mouth) for a mountain biker that snuck up behind us and scared the you.know.what out of me and Jasper! Jaspy and I each jumped a separate way to avoid the cyclist and in the process….I crashed to the ground, slamming my head into a rock. Shocker…yeah? Ken says I have to run in a helmet now. JK! I hope :-/

The guys had a blast on their ride…climbing all over the place and enjoying being out. Once we made it back to the house we got some lunch together (delicious once again!) and spent the rest of the day hanging out and chillaxing. We were very lucky because the downpour started AFTER we we done outside! Sweetness!

Sunday…Church as usual, did some errand running…got a new grill! And then the rest of the day was filled with me trying to fit all of my normal Monday activities into 4 hours. Ken had to do some work-work…so I didn’t see much of him for a while. During Celebrity Apprentice (Go John Rich!) I worked on Ken’s legs for a while (long overdo!). And then we crashed in bed! Not a very exciting day…oh well!

Monday…Normally my awesome day to recover and get all 3.4 million things done that I didn’t over the weekend. Well not yesterday! Because of all of the things I had to do, I just got up and carpooled into Boulder with Ken. Fun, huh? No pajamas until 11…bummer Sad smile By 7:50 I was already out on my 1 mile warm up and 6.2 mile race pace run. My legs didn’t think that was very nice. Actually, they felt TERRIBLE (super flat from my trail run and crashing). I managed to do the 6.2 in 49 minutes. Hoping that will be a little faster come Memorial Day when I race the Bolder Boulder!

After I finished my death run, I picked up Jasper from Ken’s office and headed to Target to pick up a couple things and kill a little time. At 10:30 I met up with my friend Suzanne and we took our pups on an hour hike…


When Jasper met Charlie….they were fast friends…until Jasper wore Charlie out!



Foggy Flatirons


My heart belongs to that face (oh, and my husband!)


Post-hike Jasper and I had to book it back to my office because I had a patient that HAD to get in. Luckily I knew this and had a change of clothes. I took a bath in baby wipes. Yum. And threw on some semi-work appropriate clothes (I maybe still smelled from my 2 workouts-oops!).

After treating her, I went to church to do a few hours of work there. At 3:45 Jasper and I headed to Spyder to pick up Ken (at 4:30) so we could head to Golden to pick up his Feedback Team Kits. To say he was excited would be a total understatement. The kits are sweet…pictures to come! Dinner and Chuck and bedtime followed shortly (well-Ken went to sleep and I caught up on my One Tree Hill while in bed).

Today has been just as crazy as yesterday…never a dull moment…working now and then errands and then dinner-making, yoga-doing and Biggest Losering! Oh my!!!

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