Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cold Weather Camping

So, the reason I have not posted is because my camera cord is MIA. No joke-I have looked EVERYWHERE and have not been able to find it! It is a shame too-there are some AWESOME pictures on there!

For now I guess I will give you a picture-less run down of this past weekend...and later...a picture post of the happenings!

Ken and I got up nice and early to pack up the truck and get our stuff together. We had some breakfast and hopped in the truck with Jasper to head to Errin and Colin's place. Once there, Ken rearranged the back of the truck so that we could fit everything back there. Apparently, camping takes up A LOT of space!

Once we were all loaded, our journey began. The trip out to Fruita took about 4ish hours and it was kind of crazy. It was snowing as we went over the mountain MAY? I know! The 2 bikes on the back rack (mine and Errin's) ended up having dirty snow caked all over the wheels. Yum! In the car we snacked on trail mix and yogurt pretzels before our peanut butter and honey sandwiches and cookies. Gotta be prepared, right? Jasper thought it was great having me and Errin in the back with him-he went back and forth between laps-rough life being him!

After arriving in Fruita, we found a camping spot and went to work setting up our tents. It was a cute little camp! Jasper was in absolute HEAVEN...cant wait to show you pictures! He thinks camping is the greatest thing EVER. When we got settled and unloaded, Ken and Colin headed out on their bikes to check out the course. Errin was patient enough to ride with me-about 8 miles on our mountain bikes (I need to practice a lot more for this summer). Upon our return to camp, I decided I needed a little extra workout and went out on my scheduled 4 mile run. It was a blast and I really wished it was longer! When I got back, I had to use the solar shower....yeah...not so warm! Darned cloud cover!

After quickly rinsing off due to possible frostbite showering, I jumped into the dinner prep that was taking place. Ken ended up building a fire in a camp grill-funny story! It was pretty impressive and dinner was delicious. After dinner, around 7 (yes S.E.V.E.N pm) the 5 of us headed to our respective tents. It was getting chilly and the sun went behind a giant cloud bank so we decided to turn in. Ken and I got changed into our PJs and headed to our air mattress (and Jasper headed to his bed). We read for a while and at 8 Ken said goodnight. HA! 8! I have to admit that by about 8:30 I was cold and also snuggled into the covers. Whatever time the dark came, I was falling asleep!

The evening was NOT the warmest part of the day. We had a low of about 25 degrees and even with the 457 layers of blankets, I still got chilly. So what is a girl to do?! I looked over to see Jasper uncovered and looking cold as I snatched him up and spooned with him for the rest of the night...hey-Don't Judge Me! He was like a little space heater!

Come Sunday morning, the sun made a delightful appearance! I was so happy to see it!! Although, I didn't make it out of the tent until almost 8...13 hours in a bed...okay, you can judge me now. Errin and I got together breakfast-Egg sandwiches on bagels with ham and cheddar cheese. We are better than IHOP! Colin (birthday boy) got ready for his race and went to warm up while we took down camp. It was a day of a lot of walking back and forth....truck...starting line...truck....porta potties...truck...finish line (repeat). Colin did great in his first sport race!! He loved the course and had a great time (which is most important!). Next up was Ken's race. We cheered him on at the start and then went back to the truck the hang out. His race was over 2 hours long...32 miles...holy long race! Good thing he is fit!

About 20 minutes before we expected to see him, E, C, J and I walked out onto the course so we could cheer for him. Oh...side note...Jasper got to play with a 10 month old Vizsla and we got to pet a 5 month old GSP...swoon! Back to the race....In the midst of the Pro-race (who started BEFORE Ken's race) finishers we saw a cute tall guy come over the hill....KEN! What?! He did awesome and took first...with over 10 minutes until the second place finisher in his group. Needless to say, I was a pretty proud wife! Again ;-)  Oh and he LOVED the course as well :-D  We had to wait a while for the awards...he got a first place stainless steel water bottle! And a raffle...where he won an awesome Camel-bak!!! Girl version!!! Yay for me!! Hehehehe :-)

Post-awards we all loaded back into the truck and began our trek home. Again, it was snowing (hard) over the passes and was actually pretty sketch in some places. We were happy when we made it to Beau Jo's to grab a pizza and salad. It was DELICIOUS!! The rest of the drive was uneventful and after dropping E and C off at their place, Ken, Jasper and I made it home and crashed hard!! This time it was closer to 11 than to 7.

PS Ken and I are going on a date tonight....I may be a little excited....Pictures to come...if I can find the cord!

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  1. Nice, LeeAnn! It's time for Ken to race with the big boys in the pro class!