Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Friday

Did anyone wake up early to catch the Royal Wedding this morning? Ken and I make the hard decision to forgo the royal ceremonies and sleep. What can I say, 2 am was going to be a little early for us. But..we totally watched the recaps during breakfast and I have (confession) been stalking E! online all day.

Here are my thoughts:
*Kate looked AMAZING! That dress was absolutely perfect for her....simple but gorgeous. 
*Her make up was okay. I LOVE that she did it herself, but she could have blended things a little better.
*Her sister looked hot....what? it's true. But why was she wearing white? Is that normal?
*I kinda just loved everything about the wedding. Ken wonders how anyone, let alone his wife, could be so interested in this "event" but there is just something about the Princess Story...what girl doesn't love it?
*Oh...and I love that Harry said something to William during the ceremony that made him laugh-way to lighten things up....reminds me of ME during MY wedding.
*Love this pic of Kate and her sweet!

Okay...moving on to real life.....

After work today I am heading to the grocery to grab some weekend essentials. As I have mentioned too many times (excited much?), Ken, Errin, Colin, Jasper and I are heading to Fruita for the weekend for a little mountain bike action. Ken and Colin are racing and Errin and I will be enjoying some pleasure riding....which means I need to remember how to ride a bike!I don't want to end up like this guy....

Just kidding you ;-)

I have a little baby 3 mile run this afternoon and a easy 4 miles tomorrow out at camp. Recovery weeks-love um and hate um....excited for the cycling cross-training though!!

On a super de-dooper note...the weather has improved for this weekend. It should now be 31 degrees tomorrow night instead of the original 29 degrees. I am sure we will notice the difference. Has anyone ever slept in ski pants? I am considering it---or maybe climbing in the truck and turning on the seat heater...hmmmm  ;-)

Haven't been camping in a while and hoping we don't run into any of these guys....

So I have a vivid imagination...

Have a great weekend...stay warm!

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