Thursday, May 5, 2011

special runner and pictures!

So last night I decided to go for a run...hill repeats to be exact. Dislocated shoulder Monday plus hill repeats on Wednesday= I am either really tough or really stupid! It actually went much better than I thought it would. There was only dull pain in my shoulder when I pushed really hard (so all 8 of my 1 minute hill sprints). I looked really cool, I'm sure. One arm swinging away, the other glued to the side of my body. Good times! My run included a 1.5 mile warm up and another 1.5 miles of cool down, so in the end it was a pretty darn decent run.

It was all made worth it as Ken and I went out on a date to Buca di Beppos (I had a coupon!). With all the carbs and calories I consumed, it was a good thing I ran! We split a salad as an appetizer (DELICIOUS)-look at us being all healthy ;-) And then split a pasta dish that was stuffed with spinach and cheese and chicken...oh my! We split the small of each dish so it was not a ton of food-which ended up being good seeing as we could actually walk out of the restaurant.

Today is my long, then chiro, then back to church...and Jasper is with me. Jasper had a little "incident" this morning. He decided that he was not happy in the car waiting for me and proceeded to unzip his bed and take stuffing out of it. I was livid...but then I realized nothing was too I let him live.
That is him in all his stuffing glory! Good thing he knows how to use a zipper ;-)

In other news, I am about to pee my pants because I am so excited to be heading to Cali tomorrow! Cant wait to meet Jillian and see my Mom, Karina, Jeff, Alle and lots of other super cool people! (um....and Jack and Rusty!!!) Dogs are the best. Little do they know I am running 10 miles on Saturday and planning on taking them on 5 each ;-) Plan to get up early pups!

Alright...on to the promised pictures. The cord somehow climbed into Ken's murse (okay it is a messenger bag-but I think of it as his man purse...)

Snowing on the way out to Fruita:

Lap dweller:

Neato mountains:

You mean I can pee anywhere?!

 That's what we are calling home?!

 View from camp:

View from mountain bike ride:

Errin in her cycling attire:

No camp fires allowed? Let's put the dog in the middle!

Cute husband:

Getting chilly...and tired!

My baby!

Ken and Jaspy going mountain climbing:

Tent cuddling..Jasper was unsure about this:

Waking up after a chilly night of sleep:

Digging the hair!


But we awoke to it was okay:

(Somehow didn't manage to get my camera out during Colin's race...I blame Jasper!)

Ken's start:

Jasper patiently waiting:

Here he comes...all alone!

Go Ken Go!!!


Third place decided not to wait around:

What a fun weekend!!

See you from Cali!!

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