Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey there! I have returned :-)

So pretty much this past weekend was a combination of awesome, crazy and sleep deprived -emphasis on the awesome! There is honestly SOOOO much to say that it is going to take a couple of days to fill you in and just as long for me to put things together. Anticipate random posts-with pictures!

So before I even begin to delve into the happenings of the weekend, I am going to start backwards and go with yesterday (as in Monday).....

The morning began with a 4 am wake up call. My alarm was actually set for 4:50, but for some super cool reason, I was up before it. Awesome. I heard my parents moving around about 4:20 and just decided it was easier to get up. I turned on the coffee pot and headed upstairs to throw on some clothes. I may have looked a little disheveled, but hey-it was 4 in the morning! We left for the airport at 5 (NO TRAFFIC!) and got home around 6:15. It was sad saying goodbye...but it was sweet having them here! When I got home, I made a bunch of oatmeal for the rest of us before everyone headed their separate directions. Ken went to work and his family began the drive back to Wyoming. By 7:45 the house we eerily quiet. Jasper was NOT a happy camper! He pouted all morning. No joke. See... (He LOVED having a full house and constant attention!)

For the majority of the morning, I cleaned and organized and washed sheets and towels....and maybe ate chocolate covered strawberries too. Around 1, I decided it was about time to head into Church work. I ran some errands on the way and as I was coming into the final stretch of my drive in I saw a gorgeous Golden Retriever rolling around in dirt on the side of the road...of a busy street. I stopped...because that's what I learned from Karina. The pup was super cool and friendly and I found tags on his collar. After an attempt to get a hold of the owner failed, I called the vet that was on the tags and took him in. I am sure it was quite the sight to see as I coaxed this dog into the car while trying to keep Jasper in the back. :-/ In the end, the owner called and thanked me and I made it to work and did my thing.

Here is where the story gets interesting. From Church, Jasper and I headed to a new trail to do some running (race this Saturday!). I had a plan for 3x1 mile repeats with a mile on either side for warming up and cooling down. It was a new trail and I thought it was just okay. It wasn't a long enough distance in the dog friendly areas and I don't see myself frequenting the spot. Anyways, we were making due just fine until we had a little incident with another dog. I was striding along at about a 7min/mile pace (fast for me!) and a dog (whom I though was on a leash but was not) lunged across the front of my path to go after Jasper (who was on a leash on the other side of me). There was no way I could respond that fast and the dog hit both of my legs, sending me flying over the top.

I managed to catch myself for the most part, but tweaked my right knee and my left SI joint and gave myself mild whiplash. Awesome-not! (luckily I work with another Chiropractor who has already put me back together). The lady was very apologetic and I understand that it happens, but I for sure won't be doing a workout like that on that trail again anytime soon! Let's just say that between Ken and I, we iced ourselves for over an hour last night! Just how I love to spend my evenings.

We may have started getting ready for bed at 9:15-and I am still exhausted. But the weekend was amazing and I wouldn't have traded it for anything!
Fun post material to come: Rehearsal dinner, WEDDING, running with family, Ken's race in Colorado Springs and much more....

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