Thursday, April 7, 2011

Parental Pick Up

Today is the day I get to pick my parents up at the airport. Yippee Skippie!! Bummer...not until after 9 tonight! I know, sad face. But I may be a little beyond excited. With all of the craziness, I seem to have forgotten to take any pictures. Bad Me!

But, let's start at the beginning. Yesterday I had to forgo my afternoon run due to time constraints. Making it home, running, showering and greeting company was not about to happen in less than an hour (especially when my run we 5 miles plus). So, alas, I put some last minute touches around the house and was good to go. I may not have been completely heartbroken to skip the running in the cold rain. Just sayin.

At about 6, our first round of housemates arrived. Ken's parents, grandma and uncle arrived with just enough time to quench Jasper's excitement and for us ladies to head to P.F. Chang's for dinner. We met up with Errin and Gayle and enjoyed a fabulous dinner. Delish beyond words! There is no way I could ever pick a favorite dish, although my favorite appetizer ARE the lettuce wraps. Oh my, so good. When we were all stuffed, we headed our separate ways and went home to hang out around the house. The boys had a lovely time at Rock Bottom and some even walked away with leftovers!

This morning I had to make up for my lost run yesterday. Jasper and I set out just before 8 (after Ken went to work). The one mile warm up was NOT long enough. It was pretty chilly (although I ended up in my tank top on the way back-I am thinking it was upper 30s this morning? Yeah, I was working hard!) and I could have used a second warm up mile for SURE. The workout called for 2x2 miles at 10k pace. I did my best job guesstimating that a 7:30 min/mile would be a good pace to shoot for? Keep in mind, I was also running with my ADD pupster who wanted to smell EVERYTHING and has a hard time differentiating between warm up and pay attention and run like heck. The first 2 miles were not stellar. I averaged about 8 min/miles for the 2. Not too shabby, but not where I wanted to be. To say I felt like crap would be an understatement. It felt like my legs were an extra 45 pounds and wanted to move as fast as honey through a funnel. I was a little demoralized. Didn't I have a rest week last week? Shouldn't I be fresh and ready to go?

I took a full 5 minutes to recover and walk around before beginning the next set. When I started back into the running, my right piriformis was tight, but I felt much better. My legs seemed more willing to cooperate and Jasper and I hit the ground We averaged 7:32 min/miles!! MUCH BETTER :-) It felt so good!

Post-run was spent chowing down on some oatmeal (breakfast numero dos) and visiting with the fam. I also attempted to find an outfit that covered both work and the  unRehearsal dinner at Buca di Beppo's (hello pasta smack down!)...I think I did okay ;-) As I left for work, Ken was just getting home. Funny how that works :-/ And now, alas, I await my patients and act giddy with anticipation of my trip to the airport this evening.

Excited for WEDDING NIGHT TOMORROW!! I love weddings....they remind me of this day:

And that was a super day!

We are extra excited because it is a couple that we love so much :-) Congrats E and C!!!! Time to Par-tay!

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  1. Just want to say a huge thanks for comng to get us, at midnight!!! Love delays! NOT:-( We Had a wonderful time!!! Got to do it again soon!! Thanks for helping me get adjusted:-)) And seeing my favorite peeps!!!! I love my Big Family:-)))) Big congrates to the newlyweds and have a nice week:-)) and a wonderful life! Also big congrates on the bg WIN! Your the best!!! and you've got the gold:-)))) Love you jaspie Lannie, Love you and a big thanks!!!!