Thursday, April 28, 2011

Twenty Nine Degrees

That is how cold it is going to be in Fruita on Saturday night....29 degrees and "blustery." Good thing I have 2 very cuddly guys to share a tent with (Ken and Jasper, of course!). I may also be planning to wear 4 pairs of pajama pants and a Parka to bed.

Speaking of Jasper...this is what he looks like right now...
Cute as a button and sleeping the afternoon away. He decided he would come to work with me today (because he knew we would go to the dog park...and we did).

Yesterday I ran an easy 5 miles up around the lake with the pup. He went swimming and thought it was just great. Other than that, kinda quiet around here. Just getting ready for our late night tonight with the middle and high schoolers and making lists of things to take camping.

The real excitement of this post are the pictures...without further gorgeous new niece, Jillian Elise..

Cuddle Bunny!

Bath time!

Easter outfit..

Oh that face!

3 generations...

 Karina...did you seriously just have a baby? You look beautiful!

That is my show and tell for today. I get to meet her in a week! Cant wait!!!

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