Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let the festivites begin!

So, after a full day at work yesterday Ken and I headed home to get our house guest-worthy. We stayed up until about 11 pm (about 2 hours past our bedtime because we are about 98 years old) scrubbing and folding and mopping. Let's just say that it now sparkles more than Edward Cullen in the sun.

Needless to say, Jasper was not the biggest fan of his lack of personal attention. He spent the evening laying at the foot of the bed pouting like it was his job! He went from:


How ugly is that face?

Luckily, when we crawled into bed, all was forgiven and he was happy to cuddle. Ken and I are both suckers for his cuddling! Melts.My.Heart!

I could have probably stayed home for another 5 hours and cleaned some more today (you know, clean under the fridge or the inside of the mailbox), but I am actually fairly busy today...always good! It is so funny to me that every time I get super busy and overwhelmed...I end up even busier. Hey, I will take it!

I am done at my office at 4 and have a nice little run in the plans. A mile warm up followed by 2 x 2 miles at half marathon pace. I never really know what pace I should run at. Goal time? Beats me...I guess as fast as I can run without collapsing on the side of the road and not finishing it? One day I will figure it out :-/  On the potential negative side=it is supposed to rain. Ugh....I will take the snow. At least then I don't end up wet.
On the positive side=I get to run ;-) And burn off the calories from the giant bagel that I just consumed a little to close to my run...I am sure I will regret that at mile 4-somehow I always eat to much and too close to running. FAIL.

Post-run, Ken and I will make a dash home to shower before our company arrives (or maybe they will already be there-tough to tell). Then...dun dun dun....we are going out to dinner. Bachelorette/Bachelor parties will be the form of separate girls/guys meal locations. Don't worry funny business ;-) Best behavior always! The ladies are hitting up P.F. Changs while the fellas partake in some Rock Bottom Brewery deliciousness. To say I am excited for dinner would be an understatement...but I will miss the husband. Like a lot. Just writing this, I realized that I have no idea what I will be wearing. Man, I suck at being a girl!

Gotta get ready for my last (super awesome) patient! Hope your Wednesday has gone swimmingly. We are on the closer side to Friday (and actually, today is my Thursday and a half)...YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!

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