Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sorry for the unintentional giant hiatus from the blog world. I have been a little upside down the past few days trying to balance work, play and CLEANING. You know, that's how I roll.

First off, last Friday (after an excitingly busy day at work) we went to the Denver Auto Show. We partook in Chipotle before hand and it was fantastic as always. I was super good and got the burrito BOWL instead of the tortilla. My heart longed after Ken's tortilla and he was nice enough to give me a bite ;-)

 At the Auto Show, I sought after a new ride. Okay, not really-I LOVE Suzi! But for entertainments sake, let's look at a few "daily driver" options:

1. The "I can take my whole house with me" option...

2. The "Oops, that's gotta hurt" option...

3. The "wind in my face" option...(my favorite!)

4. The "I haul things for fun" option...

Any favorites? I am torn between numbers 3 and 4. Maybe I could carry number 3 around on number 4?

Moving on...I found this exhibit quite exciting! I maybe wanted to pour out the entire liter of soda and try to soak it up with the 15 quadrillion Shamwow-ish towels. Heaven on Earth!

I thought this guy had the best butt...

And who could resist a little Bumble Bee Action?!

How cool is this picture of Ken? Spectacular!

Jeep had the coolest exhibit, complete with a hardcore obstacle course. Rock star quality fo-sho! 

 I think Ken had the TIME OF HIS LIFE. Okay, maybe not that dramatic...but he had fun ;-)

Saturday I had a fund raising event for a couple High School students for our summer trip. The event itself was great, getting there was another story. Let's just say...Jasper walking on 2 dozen muffins was not quite the way I wanted to spend my day and I was maybe not so proud of my chosen language on the way to CHURCH! :-/

Afterward, I headed to Golden meet Lauren for a nice 6 mile trail run (Ken and Tim were out on their mountain bikes). We took our respective dogs and had a blast. It was 85 degrees and gorgeous out...sunburn-I think YES. We had a really good run and the 6 miles went by too fast! Who would have thought!.

Sunday we said see ya to the 85 degrees and hello to SNOW and COLD...

 I may have been less than thrilled. Went to church, went to Costco :-D and hung out INSIDE for the day. Ken and Jasper napped. It was cuteness!

 Post-nap crazy dog:

Monday was the day of cleaning. I am still not done, but I cleaned everything from banisters to coffee makers. It was intense. Now for the fun part: the RUN. My first non-recovery run!! I was so thrilled to be back at it going hard. Jasper and I had a mile warm up before our ladder work out. We ran 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 minutes hard with 2 minutes rest in between. My legs were a little stiff at first, but once we got into the intervals I felt great. I loved seeing 6's as the first number in my pace...that means I am getting faster! After my cool down mile, I hopped in the shower, threw on my CEP compression socks (LOVE) and then went to the first half of a soccer game. It was fun but way too cold and windy for me. I chickened out and went home!

Today is work, errands and then CLEANING some more. Jealous? So excited for company to start arriving tomorrow :-D Can't wait.  Okay...now that you are probably bored to tears....have a good afternoon

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