Friday, April 1, 2011

I Heart Busy

Somehow we seem to have made our way back to Friday. Time flies when you are spinning in 19 different directions. I may still be recovering from the insanity of yesterday's whirlwind. I worked from 8-9:30ish (am to pm, that is!) Oh Thursdays! It did go by super fast...and I did get to take Jasper to the dog park twice in the midst of driving around town. He thought it was a great day!

This morning, I cheated and blocked myself out of the office until 11. Gotta love that! In reality, I had a meeting at church (on the important side) from 9:30-10:45 aaaannnndddd Ken may have been working from home. That meant we slept in until (a much needed and appreciated) 7 am!!!! Whoa! How amazingly cool is that for a Friday morning :-D I also got to make Steel Cut Oats (delish) and prep a batch of bread in the bread machine. Ken is going to attempt to emulate the mixture to make a second loaf (wish him luck..hehe).

In running news, I am still trekking through my recovery week. Today I have another easy 3 miles. blah blah blah. Since last Saturdays 13 miler, this will make miles 8, 9 and 10. Luckily I have an amazing coach who makes me recover, otherwise, I would hit up at least 7 or 8 tonight ;-)

After running some errands after work today, I get to pick up Errin and take her home with me! Ken, Colin, Errin and I are hitting up some Chipotle (oh, Heavens!) and then the Denver Auto Show. We are excited to see all the new and exciting cars that will be out on the roads. As excited as I am for the Auto Show, I may be even more excited for Chipotle. The way to my heart is easy, food ;-)

Tomorrow will be filled with a fundraiser at church, a 6 mile run (woohoo miles), helping some friends pack to move, possibly some shopping with Errin :-) and writing a lesson for Sunday morning...and sometime in there my house will magically clean itself. In my dreams.

As for today...I have patients to see!! Yippeeee :-D

Sorry for the photo-free zone. Should be some sweet pics of cars for you later!

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