Thursday, March 31, 2011


Just a quick heeellllooooo because this day had been spaztastically crazy. Oh how I love crazy ;-)

From my minute of downtime I give you....

Me taking a picture of my finger! Sheer talent...but hey, it was with my phone! Plus, how awesome are the clouds in the background? They don't even look real.

And an "I can't figure out how to work the zoom on this thing picture"...


Sorry about the weird formatting. Not my computer and the pics are off my phone (that I am still learning how to use).

I failed at my cross training yesterday. Double sad face :-( I promise it was not my fault! Ken ended up having to pick up some bike stuff in a far away land (okay, not that far). I managed to get my 4 miles in before picking him up, but when we got home I was all about making dinner and then may have been sucked into the couch cushions. Someday I will get buff! Someday soon ;-)

Alright...gotta peace out! Continued craziness!

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