Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Windy with a chance of Smoke

Boy, is it breezy today. The temperature is FANTASTIC once again, but the wind leaves something to be desired. Not only is it obnoxious on the hair (see-hair plastered to one side of face), but the smoke from the Golden fire is making breathing more challenging. Not the best.

First off, here is a picture of the gorgeous Hawaiian flowers the we received for our anniversary...
Still looking beautiful! (Don't mind all of the paperwork I am trying to hide with them!)

The ride into work was nice and sunny this morning. People drive better when there is not rain or snow. Luckily, the wind doesn't seem to bother people too much ;-)

Jasper thought it was a great ride...he is still a little sleepy!

We had a lovely view of the clouds/ smoke....

We have a bit of a commute to work, but it is gorgeous so I could never complain!

 After dropping off Ken, I made a pit stop at one of my favorite places.....

I could totally hang out there all day. I picked up some yumminess to send my dad for his birthday...shhhhh....don't tell him!


 And over the hill to work I go....(love the traffic situation!)

Now it is office time :-)

Today is a rest day for me.....and Ken will ride when we get home. Thank goodness for the time change and it being light later! Love that!!! Getting super excited for an upcoming wedding ;-)  !!!!!!

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