Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh Happy Day (Birthday that is)

First off, I would like to say Happy Birthday to my Dad!! Woo hoo! Guess who has to work on his birthday? Total bummer. That is the Motion Picture Industry for you...never a dull moment ;-) (This girl never has to work on her birthday-day after Christmas, baby!)
Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!

Round two in Happy comes Happy Anniversary to my parents! Yup, my Dad gets 2 happys in one day!!
 Happy Happy Anniversary and cant wait to see you in 2 weeks.....yippppeeeeee!!
 (and yes, I totally swiped that picture off of Dad's facebook page)

In other news: 
*Yesterday I ran some crazy hill 4 times and pretty much wanted to puke the whole time! It was .3 miles (otherwise known as an eternity) with a .7 mile loop to recover. Note to self: do not eat for 2 days before doing that workout again. Worst part: you can see the finish for the majority of the teases you.

*My foot is doing better (just a slight limp now). Funniest thing, it hurts when I walk, but not so much when I run. Screwy! I am thrilled that it is recovering so first I thought it could be a stress fracture and I would have to take time off of running. The horror! 
*Today is a rest are all Thursdays and I am stoked for my 13 miles coming up on Saturday. Note: I tend to be utterly useless a little less productive after my longer runs, so I will have to decide if I run in the morning or afternoon.

*The Vizsla is spending the day with me again...we hit up the dog part this morning and are thinking of making a little visit on our break between patients. We shall see! He is being such a doll baby today! A little bit ago he was snoring, then he growled in his sleep! Too cute!

Okay...Random photos of the day:

Driving into work....

And the beautiful view....

Happy Pre-Friday :-D

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  1. Very awesome. Thanks! counting the days:-)) too!