Friday, March 25, 2011

Fajita Friday

Tomorrow is SATURDAY....cue the choirs of Angels! Super excited for the weekend :-D

Because it is Friday, I thought we would start the day off with a random picture I happened to find on Ken's camera this morning...(Don't mind the laundry, this was months and months cute is he?)

Speaking of a Jasper...someone decided that they were going to ride in my lap on the way to work today. Um, thanks for that....

 At lunch I went for a little walk around Louisville (my version of Stars Hollow-Gilmore Girls reference).

My office is in this complex...cute, yeah?

My foot was a little sore walking around. Maybe due to my lack of highly supportive running shoes. But they are fun Friday shoes.

Main Street. Quite the happening place on a Friday afternoon! Okay, it actually is really hopping at night...for reals!

And my final destination, the Library. I like to visit at lunchtime and peruse the magazine section. Saves a bundle on subscriptions!

Today I have a little baby 3 mile run, easy as well. Just a little warm up for tomorrows 13 miles. I am planning on running from home to Errin's and then running the last 3 or 4 miles with her. I will probably be exhausted and she will have to drag my behind along! I may add .1 of a mile to the run so I can say I ran a half marathon. Hehehe! I don't really have a time goal, but I do have a "don't get totally lost" goal. It shall be fabulous!

Tonight we have plans to hang with Errin and Colin's for dinner and some much needed hang out time. Fajitas are on the menu and I am drooling on my keyboard already. Ken is going to ride after work to get in his pre-3.5 hour ride with Colin tomorrow. Those guys are animals! So excited for their first race on April 10th (yes, that is the Sunday after Errin and Colin's Friday night wedding). Errin is already going to win Wife of the Year! 

In random running news...I was supposed to run a 5k the same day as that race but am choosing to support my man instead (plus all of our family will be here to hang out with too). Yes, I love him more than running! So, I am thinking I will participate in the 

It is a super small race up in Longmont (as in there were 26 female racers last year). Hey, I like my odds of a top 50 finish ;-) Plus it is on a Saturday (so I don't miss church on Sunday) and it is a FLAT course (see: DEATH TO HILLS) and hopefully I can qualify for a quicker corral for the Bolder Boulder in May!

Happy weekending to you! Get out if your weather is good!!!

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