Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Long Drive In

Hi there and happy Wednesday!

Our drive in to work this morning was a bit of a pain in the rear end! It took us nearly 1.5 hours to get to Spyder which meant I did not make it to Monarch High today to hang out with my high school buddies. Sad face! The was an accident on the highway and there are no exits between Superior and Foothills. Bummer!

On the way in, I realized I had my camera and decided to chronicle the trip...kinda.
Jasper was none too thrilled to spend time in the car. He loves when we are moving, but gets bored as we sit in traffic: (he likes to be right in the front with us!)

Being a cutie pie with his head on my lap:

Grrrrr...will the cars ever end? This feels like California!!

But the view is a little better ;-)
Cresting the top of the such luck!
Jasper deciding he would play with his tennis ball if he was stuck in the car! (doesn't he look like an angel??)

Alas, we finally made it and work ensued. It was nice to spend the morning with my boys!
Today it is GORGEOUS outside...50 degrees! Come on Springtime!!! LOVE!!! I am extra excited for my run this afternoon. Jaspy and I are hitting Marshall Mesa for 10 X 2 minute repeats. Getting ready for my race on Sunday :-) Did I mention I cannot wait for spring?!

One thing I am loving right now is this:
Errin turned me onto it (and I have turned others on to it...). It is awesome. It is for all things dry. I put it mostly on my lips and it makes them nice and moist, but not sticky. I also use it on my hands because I wash them so much during the day and they are so dry! I got mine at Sephora, but they have it all over the place. Just thought I would share because I am loving it so much!

Now it is time to eat the amazing salad I have for lunch. Trying to lose those 4 pounds from Chicago ;-)

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