Friday, March 11, 2011


Good Friday morning!!! Sweet weekend, how I have longed for thee :-)
Seeing as I was back in Chicago last "weekend" and just jumped right into the work week, I feel like I have not had a weekend in F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! This weekend is pretty full too...but of super fun things! (ie....Errin's bridal shower...hehehehe...gonna be awesome!)

First off, I am working on changing up my little blogging world a bit. Nothing too dramatic...but I feel like just talking about my daily life can get a little boring...and really, my initial focus was to document more in regards to Ken's cycling and my running...and Jaspy's craziness ;-) So, if you see more info on workouts and nutrition...that is why. Also, I am going to try really, really hard to be better with pictures. It is so much more fun to SEE the beauty than to just read the words. So...more pics!

With that said, yesterday was a ridiculous day and I didn't even have time to sit down at my computer. Church, Patient, Church, Patient, Church....CRASH! It was that kind of day! Alas, I didn't get to tell you about my run on Wednesday. 

I am currently training for the Denver Marathon in October. That may seem like light years away, and it kind of is. But....I will be doing several other races between now and then. Things to look forward to and ways to prepare. I am working with a great running coach, E. She kicks my behind in a good way!

I have a race this weekend. A 7K (4.34 miles)-strange distance, but is the lucky 7...St. Paddy's Day Race. Last night I had a dream that I couldn't find my watch at the start of the race (third night in a row of running dreams...hmmmm). Maybe my brain is trying to tell me something?!

Anyways...back to the run from Wednesday: Jasper and I headed out for a mile warm-up, followed by 10 x 2 minute sprints with 2 minutes rests between. We were supposed to do a mile cool down, but it ended up being 3/4 mile due to darkness. Jasper enjoyed the sprints. I did too-mostly ;-) I was in the 6-7 minute range for all 10, so I was happy. It ended up being a great run, but my legs were definitely done at the end! Thank goodness Thursdays are rest days! We had a lovely sunset and even stopped at the dog park! Busy evening!

In Ken news, he has been riding a bunch lately (even with an injury to his right quad tendon). We are both super excited for his upcoming season! He did a 20 minute test on Flagstaff and it showed he was putting out 363 Watts. That is a LOT of watts!! Snaps for Ken!! **

Today I have some cross training to do...and race prep! And looking forward to a yummy dinner!! I will fill you in on the details later ;-) Enjoy your Friday!

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