Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I have returned to my favorite-est state! Hellllloooo Colorado, how I missed you!

This past weekend I was in Chicago for a Youth Conference. It was a great conference and it was a total blast. I got to hang out with a lot of cool people and eat a lot of good food (and gain 4 pounds!) I was a good girl and ran on the treadmill every morning we were there (and still gained 4 pounds...fancy that!). The one downside of the trip was the super chilly weather. Hello Windy City....you lived up to your name! We also had to fly there....thrilling :-/  The train system was neato and we saw some pretty interesting people. Overall-great trip.

One of the biggest things I noticed was how much I missed Ken and Jasper. I am so not used to being away from them and I was sad :-(  When I got to see them last night, my heart was sooooo happy!! Jasper was SO excited and danced around putting on a show for me. I loved it!!

I was bad and didnt really take pictures...granted, they would have been mostly inside a hotel.

Last night after heating up some leftover lasagna (thankfully there was enough for both of us...I didnt really want to cook!)..Ken and I sat and watched a cycling movie and HE fell asleep on me...so cute! Shower and bed and that was the night!

Today I am at work, went to a staff meeting at church and am back at work. Gonna grab some groceries and hit up Costco before heading home today...so we have something to eat. Hehe!

I am already getting excited for this weekend....Errin's shower and I am racing Sunday! Super sweet!! Cant wait to tell you more about it next week!

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