Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello Thursday! Woo hoo tomorrow is F.R.I.D.A.Y. And, actually, today is like my Friday because tomorrow I am heading to Chicago for a youth conference! Stoked!

Okay...first...huge praise! Lou Ann is doing better! She has been moved to a transitional treatment facility for rehab and is already making progress. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.

As for our neck of the woods, last night I tried to go running. I say tried because I have had this stupid cold for about a week and a half and I am so over it. The coughing has got to go! I "ran" 3ish miles at a ridiculously slow pace. It was brutal. Even Jasper got annoyed. So annoyed, in fact, that he decided to run into the lake to chase ducks. Gross! Dear Jaspy, it was still only 40-something degrees outside you goofball!

He got to come in the shower with me when we got home. Awesome! Post-cleanliness, I made some strange concoction for dinner. I asked Ken point-blank why he ate it...I am not sure why I ate it?! But, we survived! I was in a super hurry to get out the door to meet a friend for a worked out.

Today I had church meetings and am in my office until 6. I have patients at 515 and 545. Go figure...all the way to the end of the complaints though :-)

Jasper is with me today...we decided to have a photo shoot:

High stressed Vizsla-he has a hard time relaxing:

Cool kids:
 Goodness, Mom, don't sneak up on my Kong like that!

We are special, what can I say?

Excited for my trip tomorrow...not excited that we are flying into the WINDY city. It is gonna be a LATE night getting all packed and ready to go. Gonna miss my boys terribly! Maybe I will hit you up from Chicago!

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  1. So sorry your cough is hanging on...mine, too, and it stinks!!!!! Like your haircut. It's almost as short as mine.
    Have a great, albeit, busy weekend.
    Great pictures, too! Thanks!