Friday, February 18, 2011


Happy FRIDAY!! I love that I am excited that it is Friday and I don't even really have a weekend.

This week has flown by....I think that happens when you have too much to do and not enough time to do it all!

Wednesday was a normal day at work followed by 3 hours or leader training for camp this weekend. We had about 100 people come to our church to get the low down on what to be prepared for. It was hectic and loud and awesome. Plus, I got to see one of my favorite students who was there practicing to play with the worship team this Sunday. I am bummed we will miss it....but we will have many a student to hang with at camp.

Yesterday was a day from...well....somewhere not very nice! After dropping Ken off at work, I went to another church to pick up extra name-tags. I booked it to church where I spent 3 hours convincing the printer that it wanted to print my name-tags. I so don't get along well with technology! I took a nice little break for lunch and met up with 3 high school girls to chat about life and such. They are awesome and I loved my much needed distraction from reality. After a quick stop at my office to check the schedule and messages, I headed back to the church for 3 more hours of administrative pre-camp fun. BLAH! My finger still hurt today from all of the name-tag creating! Oh! Jasper was with me all day! And he was such a well behaved little man!!
At 4:10, I came back to the office to treat a patient before taking Jasper to the dog park to burn off some steam. Ken had ridden home so when we got there at 6ish, he was just finishing his weight workout.

I looked at him with sleepy eyes and really wanted to collapse onto the floor-hello exhaustion! Jeff and Karina sent us a (un-necessary, but totally amazing) gift card to Rock Bottom and it literally saved my life last night! It was so nice to go out on an unanticipated date with Ken and let someone else do the cooking. I had the most AMAZING meal!! Little Italy: French bread with a chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, tomato, arugula and basil pesto. HOLY COW...I died and went to food Heaven! For sure ordering that one again. Our waitress was super nice and I left feeling completely content (and ready for a nap!). When we got home, we had a little tiny bit of Graeter's Ice Cream (Valentine's present!) and watched Survivor (via the computer). It was the perfect easy night to a crazy day! Thanks Jeff and Karina sooooo much! We miss you!!

Today I have had some super cool patients and am busy putting final touches on camp info. I am running to church after work to finish everything up and from there Ken will pick me up. Tonight will be filled with packing and cookie making and all sorts of fun-get-ready-for-camp stuff!

And then....3 days in the mountains with 600 of our closest friends! No sleep will occur :-/ Jasper is excited to spend the weekend with Auntie Errin and Uncle Colin! Thanks soooo much guys :-)
Until next week-   :-)

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