Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!
What a whirlwind of a weekend. I remember parts of it, but somehow it just seems to have vanished. I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday-never a good start to a Tuesday :-/

First off, here are some pics!
This is when Jasper and I went running in -8 degrees-he was toasty!

Jeff and Karina's visit:
Dinner at Rock Bottom:
Fuzzy some?

Pearl Street Mall

J and K
Sudden snow storm!

On Saturday, we went down to Golden to meet up with some friends. Ken rode for 3.5 with Tim and I ran 11 miles (the first 4.5 with Lauren). We had a blast and were exhausted afterward! All you can eat lunch buffet plus frozen yogurt=perfect day!

Sunday Ken went out on his bike after church and I had lunch with a super cool high school girl. The rest of the day was spent poking around the house and doing some cross training.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I have a love hate relationship with that holiday. Love: Pink holiday, all about the love of my life! Hate: all foods are red and pink-allergic to red food coloring=no fun!

This Valentine's Day ended up being bonkers! It was a Monday (which are always nuts) but it was even extra crazy! If I wrote everything down, I may need a nap or some ice for my fingers. Let's just say it included a new patient, running 6.5 miles, making cupcakes, taking cupcakes to Ken's office, church work, meeting with my running coach, back to church (getting ready for camp! AHHHH), home to clean, dinner in the crockpot, made some croutons (random!)....That's all I can type! haha!

I ended up giving Jasper to Ken at his office, so I was solo for half of the day. When my boys got home Ken gave me the sweetest card and a lovely gift! He found a 3 pack of Pyrex glass bowls and lids!! SCORE! I am in love!! I cannot wait to use them bunches. After dinner we spent the evening on the couch watching some TV/me working on camp stuff. But it was wonderful spending the evening together!

My mom sent Jasper a wonderful Valentine's toy:

It is the cutest little doggie and Jasper loves it! He may have taken all of the stuffing out, but hey, that is how he shows his affection!
Today is the return of chaos! Back to it!! Hope you are having a nice Tuesday! It is warm here!! YIPEE!!!

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