Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do I look tired?

Hello! And happy Monday Tuesday. Let me first come right out and say it. I am E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D! So if I ramble or repeat myself do not be surprised!

This weekend was fantastic. Ken and I headed up to snow camp with our high school (and middle school) students for the 3 day weekend. It was awesome! The students loved it and God was felt throughout the entirety of the camp. All of the hard work planning it really paid off  :-)

On Friday evening, I made about 100 cookies to put in the cabins of the adults that were giving up their weekends to be there to help us out. It was a LOT of cookies! I baked while in the midst of cleaning up, making dinner and packing. I multi-task ;-)

Saturday, Ken and I got up and did our respective workouts. He rode for an hour and Jasper and I ran 6 miles. Then....we kissed our furchild goodbye! Soooo sad!!! Luckily, Errin picked him up a few hours later and he had a WONDERFUL weekend hanging out with them. She was the best dog-sitter and sent us pictures....LOVED that!! We headed to registration and got all the kids checked in-maybe the hardest part of camp! We had a 55 passenger bus going up to camp, but too many people so some of the leaders drove. We took our truck with 3 high school students and had a BLAST on the way up and back.

At camp, we had meals and programs and a great speaker and we even snow skied on Sunday. So great! The downside, leaders that don't act their age and lack of sleep. But other than that, it was awesome!

When we got home yesterday, Ken went for a ride and Jaz and I hit up 4.25 miles (after 8 hours of sleep total for 2 nights, that was all I could handle!). It felt great to be back home. I threw dinner in the oven and headed to the grocery for some much needed food! We ate, I made some cookies and then we showered and hit the couch. It was supposed to be movie night, but I didn't make it. I fell asleep at 9 cuddled up against Ken. Jaspy also decided it was a snuggle night and was right there with us. So sweet!

Thanks Errin and Colin for taking care of Jappy! He had a blast :-)

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