Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not as young as I once was

So this week has really been a testament to the fact that I am not 15 anymore. (Although, I did get asked by three separate people at camp what grade I am in)-awesome. I am still not recovered from our little jaunt to camp this past weekend. The lack of sleep did me in! I feel slightly zombie-ish as I make my way through the day. Dear Saturday....are you here yet?

Other than trying to play catch up on sleep and Ken spending hours in the garage playing with his new toy (mountain bike), this week has been fairly normal. Work, meetings, work, meetings...running. The usual.

A couple of exciting things may have occurred. Ken and I celebrate our 2 year anniversary next month and I may or may not have received an amazing gift already...what is that you ask? A bread machine!! I know, those went out of style in 1998...but hey, I wasn't even married then! (I was still in high school for goodness sake!) But....seeing as I make a TON of things at home (ie bagels, pretzels, bread, pizza dough) what a great way to do that with less work! I am SO excited! The night I got it (yes, early-I am bad, I know!) I made carrot cake bread with chocolate chips. Delicious! This machine may change my life! It makes jam! What?!

Also exciting is the fact that I get to run 12 miles tomorrow. Longest so far. Hope Jaspy is up for it and it doesn't snow. Also excited to go shopping tomorrow with Errin and Gayle :-) OH! And I bought my first ever Groupon service. Haircut for $12, don't mind if I do! I also leave for Chicago in a week. So that is also cool.... So good! Alright...I am falling asleep typing this so I better go do a lap!

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