Friday, February 25, 2011

Voice-less Friday

So it finally happened. The Post-Camp crash! I knew it would happen....stress stress stress....crash! Yesterday Ken and I both woke up with scratches in our throats. Yuck! Throughout the day, we both felt less than stellar and by last night, we were both on the couch with tea in our hands huddled under 2 blankets. Awesome.

Waking up this morning, Ken had a pretty yucky headache and I had a lack of voice and just didn't feel great. Ken is working from home today....I cannot so much as do that. I feel much better now (that was quick!)-hello Vitamin D! I am just lacking in vocal my patients are getting some quiet treatment today ;-)Lucky them..hehehe!

Winter hath returned and it is lightly snowing today. I really thought summer was here for a while! Okay, that was just wishful thinking. It is supposed to get nicer tomorrow...hopefully so for my 12 mile run!

Thankful it is Friday...I go in silence! Have a good weekend!

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