Friday, February 11, 2011

What? Still no pictures?

Sorry :-(  I have continuously forgotten my camera cord this week. Along with the rest of my brain. Ask Ken, I am not functioning well today. Thank goodness it is Friday, yeah?

This week has been a little overwhelming, but welcome to real life right? Wednesday was work and a cold evening run with my boys. Not too much excitement there.

Yesterday was a day. A very LONG and TIRING day. A day that I thought may never end! I had meetings in the morning at church. I am beginning to notice interesting things about working at a church. You can never get away from the "world" regardless of where you work. Alas, real life. About noon, I took Jasper (who was my buddy all day) to the dog park. He got to play with a puppy Saint Bernard. She was ADORABLE! A total cuddle bug-I pet her and played with her and Jasper didn't even care. He liked her too ;-) After our puppy playtime, we came into the office for a little while before heading to a winter church camp (next weekend!) meeting. It was good, overwhelming in what still needs to be done, but good. 2.5 hours later I was back at work getting ready for a patient. I have seen her many times before, but this was the first time since a semi rolled over the front of her car. OUCH. She called me today saying she feels MUCH better! That is always good to hear!
When I was finished treating her, Jaz and I headed back to church to do some paperwork and then some youth grouping. I always love hanging with the students. They are fantastic and I love them all soooo much!

Ken had a meeting with his new team (hence his absence from my day). Apparently it was good-there were other teams present, so it was a little overwhelming, but still fun. He also made a riding date with a buddy, so we will be headed to Golden on Saturday to workout. I have an 11 mile run...and it is supposed to be WARM....50s baby!!! So excited!!! 

I am meeting with my awesome running coach next week to talk race schedule for the year. I am beyond excited about that :-) Have a good weekend....and almost Happy Valentine's Day!

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