Friday, January 7, 2011

A run like none other

So yesterday in all of my blogging haste, I forgot to tell you about the ridiculous run that Ken and Jasper and I had on Wednesday! Oh my was NUTS.

So, I picked Ken up from work about 4:50 and we headed over to Marshall Mesa (dirt and hills) to go for a 4 mile hill run. Well, we anticipated the dark and the coldishness and the hills and a little snow, but what we were not ready for was the wind! It was I.N.S.A.N.E. The gusts were so hard that they literally pushed me off the trail! I was doing okay for the first half (minus the getting dirt and sand blasted into my eyeballs!) and then on the way back the car, things got yucky! (Side note: I am not a good run in the dark person...the entire time we were out, I was frantically watching for Jasper and was sure we were being stalked by mountain lions, coyotes, wolves and maybe some tigers-vivid imagination!) I was in front because I had the headlamp on and I seriously could not tell where I was going. I went off the trail several times and Ken had to point me in the right direction! Just as we were getting back to the car, a plastic bag got caught in the wind and totally scared the you know what out of me! I stopped so fast that Ken ran into the back of me! Oops and ouch all at the same time! When we got to the car Ken offered to drive and it was a good thing! There was no way I was going to be able to! I felt so weird!! Maybe it was vertigo from staring at the single light and trail for so long, maybe it was the layers of dirt in my eyes or the fact that I couldn't feel my neck or face from the sheer cold and wind! Heck, maybe it was the wind!

About15 minutes into the drive home, I felt back to normal! It was so strange. Good thing Ken was there or I would have been waiting a while before going home! Thought you would enjoy the craziness! Never again!! hahaha

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  1. So nice to be back on-line and catch up on you all:-)) Nice Christmas pics :-)) too! Lots of love!