Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh the animals

This weekend was full of fun....It all started on Saturday. Ken and I got up and had waffles for breakfast! Always a good way to start the day. After digesting a bit, Ken headed out for a cyclocross ride and I headed out for my nine mile run with Jasper. It was soooo nice outside. I have no idea what the actual temperature was...maybe 40? But is was warm! I could have been happy in a tank top! We ran and ran...and ran into Ken :-) It was lovely! When we got home, it was time for a quick shower and some lunch. Errin and Colin came over and then we headed to the zoo....it was free for the day so we took advantage. Yes, it was crowded and a little chilly in the afternoon...but it was great! Here are some pics of the animals:

 These baby tigers played and played! It was beyond cute!
 Love the random lady in the background -at least she smiled!! hahahaha
 Ken wanted to take her home...
 These sea lions were all over the place! Playing tag...it was great!

 I was literally 6 inches from her face! Behind glass thankfully! She is gorgeous!!
By the end of our trip, my legs were exhausted! And it was cold :-/
We headed home where Errin and I made a chicken pot pie and the boys put snow tires on Errin's car. Came in handy the next day! We watched a movie and then fell asleep on the couch...shocker!

Sunday involved church and a big snowstorm! We spent most of the day inside cleaning and riding our bikes :-) It was a nice relaxed Sunday.

Yesterday, Ken went to work and Jasper and I stayed home and lazily moved about the house...hehe just kidding!
 I made homemade bagels, turkey soup and chocolate chip oatmeal/Craisin cookies. I shoveled the driveway, took out the trash cans, sent Thank you cards, cleaned my kitchen and most of the house, did the laundry, ran 4.5 miles on semi-ice conditions, washed the sheets and duvet cover and made the bed. Worked on church work for about 2 1/2 hours, copied recipes onto recipe cards, made baked chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner and painted my nails! It was a very productive day!! I could totally be a stay at home wife ;-) Jasper slept most of the day...slacker!

Today it is work and lunch meetings and then we will see where it takes me :-) Ken is meeting with a rider from one of the cycling teams this evening! Yay!!

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