Thursday, January 6, 2011


Happy Thursday! I don't know where the week has gone, but I will take it! Come on Saturday!!

I don't know how to really describe this week. It was great starting it off with an extra day with Ken :-) Loved that! Work for Ken this week has been a little challenging. Flashback to people coming in and changing the company. Fun fun for him...NOT! I have been doing pretty well at work. Getting a little busier. Getting signed on with 2 insurance companies-so hopefully I will be even busier! Started my increased hours at church so I am doing 25 hours there and 28 hours at my office per week. Plus running and cross training 5 days a week. Leaves a girl a little tired ;-) But, alas, I am happy!

Jasper continues to be a little nut! Ken and I sit on the couch and just laugh out loud at the show he puts on for us. He loves the game where he puts his ball under the couch and we have to get it. He has us well trained!

This weekend we are planning on going to the zoo (SQUEEK!) I am so excited! We are going with Errin and Colin so that should be a blast. Jasper and I have a nine mile run before hand, so I may be walking a little funny-I will apologize the the penguins and explain that I am not mocking them.

Ken has been contacted by two cycling there is serious potential there! I am soooo proud of him! And that leads me into the title of this blog....Resolutions....ugggg! Hehehehe...change is hard ;-)

It seems like every year I make the same resolutions. This year I came up with 20....holy cow!!! I know...Don't worry, some of them are very minimal ;-) But I thought I would share a few you can help keep me accountable!

1. Write (Here is the deal....I LOVE to write. But I don't. Sure, I write here....not as often as I should, but I do.) This year I want to be better at blogging, health blogging, journaling and writing. I have decided to chronicle Ken's year of bike racing and see where that takes me. I love the atmosphere of the races and what goes along with it. It is a world of its we shall see where that goes.

2. Run a Marathon. Yup that is the plan. Come on October!

3. Plan meals more than a day ahead. There is nothing I hate more than being on the way home and trying to figure out what we are going to eat. It would make my life a whole lot easier if I planned it out ahead of time. Oh! and COMBO-be more adventure-ish with meals...this one I started already!

4. Be better at birthday cards....anniversary cards....the outside world?! I feel like I get trapped in our week and forget that things are happening around us! Bad me!

5. Get my business going....It has started a little bit....keep going!!!

6. Last one for my post. Ken and I, together, will be drastically slashing refined sugars from our diet! Soooo....please don't send us cookies or candy! Our willpower is only so strong!

7. Okay one actively supportive of Ken's racing this year. I feel like this isn't a resolution...because I already try to do it...but I want to be able to keep it up for the whole year :-)

Alright...enough for now :-) What are some of the big things you are working on this year??

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