Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Category III Colorado Cyclocross Champion

Pretty much the excitement of our week came on Sunday. Ken and I skipped Church, but with good reason. We spent the morning getting everything together for the big race! We headed to Monarch High School at about 9:40 to be there for Colin's 10 am race. He had a good race, but froze a little bit. It was NOT warm out. Of course, it is nice all week and then BAM freezing on race day!
Ken started warming up during the end of Colin's race and I  hid in the car with Jasper-where it was nice and toasty! Jaspy is a little space heater!

Around 11:45 we got things ready for Ken's start. I left Jasper in the car so I could focus on handing Ken his water bottle...Plus-it was freezing!

*Pictures courtesy of Errin, until my camera battery died...oops! Thanks Errin!! Very artsy..hehe

Ken's race started off fast! They guys flew by....luckily Ken got a call up and was able to start in the second line...see him in the middle? black, red and white jersey with a white helmet...looking this direction :-)

Starting that close to the front made it so he didn't have to work quite as hard passing a bunch of people.

 Look at him jump...hehehe.....
 Working on the front....
 I am sure I am saying something quite riveting....or not. See how many clothes I am wearing, yeah cold!

 In the end, with tons of screaming from me, Colin and Errin, Ken took first place! Yup, that's right-I am married to a state champion! I am so proud!!! He did sooo great!! Cat I, II, Pro-here he comes! SUPERSTAR! He needs to join a team ;-)

After a quick lunch at Chipotle with Colin, the 3 of us (Errin went to play volleyball) headed back to the school to watch the pro races. They were pretty sweet.

At 4 Ken and I headed home to do a quick clothes change (and shower for him) before heading to our Church staff Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and good food. See-I did something with Church ;-)

In other news-I did my 70 minute run on Saturday and was surprised how far I made it. Yesterday I cleaned and ran errands and did intervals...5x3 minute hard efforts with 2 minute rests (um...Ken let me have my Christmas present....my garmin 305 gps watch that tells me how fast I am running and how far and my heart rate and everything I could ever want to know)....let's put it this way...when we got home, Jasper slept from 4 until 6, ate and played and went back to bed until this morning-and only got up once during the night! Yeah-it was a brutal run but we loved it!

That's all for now....Happy Tuesday! :-) And I will leave you with a pic of Jaz in his jacket this morning :-)

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