Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today Jasper is hanging out with me :-) He has his bed in my office and is loving life. We stopped at the dog park on our way from church meetings to the office, he thought he had just won the lottery!

Yesterday I took an hour yoga class at lunch-partly because I have been running a ton and needed so good stretching, partly as a marketing tool-the studio is literally a 30 second walk from my office and I wanted to make an appearance and try to get my name out there. They have a $10 lunch class and the instructor was pregnant and thinking about chiropractic-it was good to be able to explain a little bit about it to her.
The class was awesome...she rocked my socks off (even though I was barefoot).

Last night I did my 40 minute running workout and this time Ken came with me and Jaspy. It was AWESOME to have him out there with us-especially because it was dark and scary. The workout flew by!!

Fast forward to waking up this morning: I could not MOVE! Holy soreness!! My triceps are crying today...but in a good way I guess! Thank goodness today is a rest day.

I really want to run the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon next my training is going to be pretty consistent (thanks to my running coach!) I will fill you in on that at a later date. Sunday, October 9th...that's the goal...26.2 miles....woohoo! Ken was going to maybe do it with me (but with cyclocross season being at the same time and being $95 a person) -I think he will just cheer from the sidelines for me :-)

No bike races this weekend-what will we do with ourselves?! Next race is the following Saturday....the 18th. Excited :-)


  1. Thanks for the update and photos. I was a tad behind. Wishing you well on the running too!

  2. Thanks for the updates and photos. Being outof town I got a tad behind. Wishing you well on the running too!