Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday already?!

I am having a really hard time believing that it is almost ..the end.. of Tuesday. Where has the time gone? I finally got Internet in my office, so that is a big bonus. It is so strange not having access to the outside world.

Here are some highlights:
*I got to see Ken last night! He made it home around 7...it was great!
*Errin and Colin moved out yesterday-Jasper is very upset about it! He waited for them all morning. It is going to be quite quiet around there.
*Work is slow-need some new patients-but it is wonderful because I love being here.
*The leader retreat was good-got to connect with some people that I have not really connected with before...but we missed Ken!
*Sunday was filled with church and creating some fabric artwork.
*Yesterday I cleaned and cleaned and ran with the pup!

 I made the above bed art...with 1x3, a staple gun and some fabric :-) Look out Martha!

Overall, everything is good. Looking forward to having a husband back come Friday! Then he will finally be able to come see my office!


  1. So glad you're doing well at your new office, glad your retreat was good, glad you finally got to see Ken and I really like your bedroom art!!!
    Really looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful, new, bedroom!

  2. Very excited for you! Also excited you'll have family for the holiday:-))