Wednesday, November 17, 2010


AHHHH I cannot believe it has been over a week. Sorry!

The past week has been a little bit nuts. From working to church work to house work....I feel like I am running in circles.

On the positive side, I got my husband back at the end of last week-kinda! Hehee. He worked from home Thursday and Friday so Jasper was quite happy.

This weekend I got a chiro table. It is older, but it does pretty cool things and was not hugely expensive....just slightly :-/ Colin and Errin helped us pick it up in Fort Collins. OH.MY.GOSH is it heavy!! Like over 450 pounds. It took 6 of us to get it in the truck...and somehow the 4 of us got it out! WOW. It was nuts! I cleaned it for about 3 hours looks much better. It has a compressor that goes with it...Ken is building me a sound reducing box-that should be exciting!

We have had a little bit of sputtering snow but nothing too exciting yet. I am ready for some! But, then again, it is nice to be able to ride bikes and run on dry land still!

Jasper is doing well. He climbs in and out of our bed during the night to warm up and cool down. He is kinda crazy like that. I need to get some current pics up of him-hopefully tomorrow. I will try to take some of my office too :-)

Cant believe Thanksgiving is about a week away. Still have some cleaning to do-hopefully I can catch up this weekend. Ken is racing Sunday :-D Always love that!!

I promise to be a better blogger :-/ Sorry for the craziness!!!

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  1. Thanks for the up date:-)) Next week will be very busy! Have fun!